Actor Dennis Hopper died on 74

Sunday, May 30, 2010

May 29, Los Angeles - Hollywood actor Dennis Hoffman died at the age of 74 due to complications because of prostrate cancer, the actor died on Saturday, may 29. Dennis Hoffman died in his home at the coastal of Los Angeles suburbs of Venice around 8:15 in the morning with his family and close friends.

Dennis Hoffman receives 2 oscars nominations as an actor for the film Easy Rider and Hoosiers.
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Hero TV Line Up this June 2010

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Summer time may be over but fun and excitement remains. Now that school rush is about to start, prepare to take a sprint to the prestigious hero school. Hero TV brings you to an awesome trip to Hero Academy this month of June.
Take that thrilling adventure and drift with The Speed and the Legend. Get ready to learn the moves straight from the masters will surely be the ride of your life.
Don’t forget to follow the adventures of Throttle, Modo and Vinnie in Biker Mice from Mars. Feel the acceleration in their quest to save their anthropomorphic mice race and fight against the evil Plutarkians.
Starting June 21, drive with Ne Zha in his adventure on Legend of Ne Zha. This Chinese epic animation revolves around the journeys of a young boy named Ne Zha.
Go for a full throttle as Hero brings you The Saga of the All time Favorites! Catch the marathon special of Knight Hunters on June 5, and join Aya, Omi and Ken in their mission to get rid of bad guys of ‘Kitten in the House’ shop.
Be transported in a world where digital creatures called "Digimon" live. Explore it in Digimon Adventure Season 1 premieres June 20. Get hooked with the story of seven kids who are transported to the Digital World. Afterwhich, the children then become the Digidestined, or Chosen Children, who protects the Digital World from evil Digimon like Devilmon and Myotismon.
This June 21, Tenma and Harima return to your screen on the second season of School Rumble 2. Get a bumpy roller coaster ride with the twists and turns of their highschool life.
Back on the track is Dubber’s Cut: Biker Mice from Mars 2. This interstitial will show you in-depth insights of the dubbing supervisor about Biker Mice from Mars 2 – from voice character selection to dubbing proper. We’ll hear fresh from the expert the ins and outs of the dubbing operations and their exciting experiences.
Hero is available on Sky Cable Gold, SkyCable Silver and other quality cable operators nationwide
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K Magazine "Thank You Issue" is now out!

In the latest issue of K (Kris Aquino) Magazine, Philippine showbiz’ ‘Queen of all Media’ Kris Aquino stops to say thank-you to all who stood by and with her during her brother, Senator Noynoy Aquino’s candidacy after a backbreaking, strenuous campaign.

In her cover story “Forever Grateful” which she wrote 25 hours after the election, Kris reflects on her campaign experience and looks forward to the beginning of a new and different life.

“I am mentoring people who are famous and made their stand known. There are many more I should be thanking but I know that I must respect their privacy regardless of my desire to shout at the top of my voice my extreme gratitude for all they did for us,” says Kris.

Also in this issue, Kris throws open the doors of her family’s new home high above the busy streets of Makati. Adopting a “Shabby Chic, French country”-inspired look, Kris shows readers how to create a home that may be small on space, but—in true Kris Aquino fashion—is big on style.

Readers can also pick up other home furnishing and decorating tips from the K Everyday storage collection and a selection of home gifts that will make your home both comfortable and stylish.

For the food enthusiasts, Chef Myrna Segismundo comes up with 25 recipes that only take minutes to prepare. The busy person like Kris doesn’t have to worry about slaving away in the kitchen or spending hours preparing complicated meals to take on the road or to work. With these easy new recipes, all you have to do is slice, dice, cook a few minutes, then go!

Join Baby James as he takes the plunge and find out what went down when the most famous toddler in the land took swimming lessons. Also, his Yaya Gerbel and Joshua’s Yaya Ana spill the beans on what it’s like to work for the Queen of All Media and what she’s like as a mom.

All this and more is in the latest issue of K Magazine, now available from ABS-CBN Publishing at P130 a copy.
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UFC 114: Rampage vs. Evans Live Telecast and Streaming

Balls Channel, the home of the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC), will air the much anticipated “UFC 114: Rampage vs. Evans” fight on May 30 at 10:00am. UFC 114 will be aired live from the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada.
Ever since they competed against each other as coaches on season ten of UFC, former UFC light heavyweight champions Quinton “Rampage” Jackson and “Suga” Rashad Evans have had one of the most heated rivalries in the history of the UFC.  These two former 205-pound champions finally get their chance to settle the score in the main event of UFC 114, and it promises to be one of the most intense showdowns of 2010.
With knockout wins over Wanderlei Silva, Liddell and Marvin Eastman and a decision victory over Dan Henderson, Rampage has picked up wins against some of the biggest names in mixed martial arts. Most recently earning a unanimous decision win over Keith Jardine at UFC 96, Jackson has won two in a row and now faces Jardine’s friend and training partner.

When asked about his upcoming fight with Evans, Rampage quickly retorted, “I really want to knock this guy out. I’ve never, ever wanted to knock someone as cold as I want to knock Rashad Evans out. He’s disrespected me so much, for so long. Rashad should be prepared to see a brand new Rampage in May.”
If Rampage talks about his fury in doing a knockout, Evans just wants to start the fight to put a stop to all the trash talking. “I don’t like all the pre-fight talking, so I can’t wait until I finally get my chance to shut him up. There were a lot of times on the show when I wanted to hit him right there. When Keith [Jardine] was training for his fight with Rampage, I had to mimic Rampage’s style. I can probably beat Rampage as Rampage now. Plus, he’s gotten fat. He needs to get in shape just to get in shape. I may come to the Octagon with Mr. T just to get in his head.”

Don't miss the live airing of “UFC 114: Rampage vs. Evans” on the Balls Channel on Sunday, May 30, 10:00am.
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Gabby and KC Concepcion on StarStudio June 2010 Issue

For its June 2010 and Father’s Day issue, Star Studio Magazine devotes 18 pages to Philippine showbiz’s most talked-about father-and-daughter team, Gabby and KC Concepcion!

Together, the two take us on an emotionally-rich journey back to the events that led to Gabby’s 10-year disappearance from his daughter’s life, their bittersweet reunion in the US, and their first movie together under Star Cinema now that Gabby has come back to tinseltown big time.

Despite her father’s absence, KC shares gives credit to Gabby’s remarkable growth as a person.

“In all fairness, ibang tao na si Papa ngayon. he's the man he's always aspired to be. May iba siyang peace ngayon. i think it helped nung iwan niya ang pag-aartista, that it force him to depend only on himself,” said KC.

Grab a copy of Star Studio Magazine and get to know why KC had to sought Gabby after 10 years; Gabby’s feelings about her daughter now, how she’s matured, and her being an “ate” to his other daughters; and how they enjoy their first-ever movie project together.

Other Star Studio Magazine exclusives include features on Jake Cuenca’s new closet, Agua Bendita leading man Matteo Guidicelli’s new Daniel Craig-inspired home, pop heartthrob Erik Santos’ graduation story, and an amazing 18-page travel folio that takes you all over Europe, the US and Asia with your favorite celebrities.

Star Studio Magazine also has the latest on today’s hottest young stars Enchong Dee and Erich Gonzales and hot new talent Andi Eigenmann.

For more details, grab the latest copy of Star Studio Magazine available in all leading bookstores and magazine stands nationwide
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2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa Schedules

Balls Channel, "the home of the biggest sporting events in the world," will be airing the matches of the 2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa.  The live coverage starts on June 11, Friday at 10:00pm.
Happening once every four years, the world's biggest and most-watched sporting event kicks off in South Africa where the global game of football takes center stage. The top 32 football nations compete in this month-long tournament for the most prestigious prize in world sport.
For more UFC action, tune in to "the home of the biggest sporting events in the world," Balls Channel on SkyCable Channel 34 on Skycable.

Here is the live telecast on 2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa on Balls

June 11
2200 South Africa v Mexico M01
June 12
0230 Uruguay v France 02
1930 Republic of Korea v Greece M04
2200 Argentina v Nigeria M03
June 13
0230 England v USA M05
1930 Algeria v Slovenia M06
2200 Serbia v Ghana M08
June 14
0230 Germany v Australia M07
1930 Netherlands v Denmark M09
2200 Japan v Cameroon M10
June 15
0230 Italy v Paraguay M11
1930 New Zealand v Slovakia M12
2200 Ivory Coast v Portugal M13
June 16
0230 Brazil v Korea DPR M14
1930 Honduras v Chile M15
2200 Spain v Switzerland M16
June 17
0230 South Africa v Uruguay M17
1930 Argentina v Republic of Korea M20
2200 Greece v Nigeria M19
June 18
0230 France v Mexico M18
1930 Germany v Serbia M21
2200 Slovenia v USA M22
June 19
0230 England v Algeria M23
1930 Netherlands v Japan M25
2200 Ghana v Australia M24
June 20
0230 Cameroon v Denmark M26
1930 Slovakia v Paraguay M27
2200 Italy v New Zealand M28
June 21
0230 Brazil v Ivory Coast M29
1930 Portugal v Korea DPR M30
2200 Chile v Switzerland M31
June 22
0230 Spain v Honduras M32
2200 Mexico v Uruguay M33 (*delayed on Studio 23)
2200 France v South Africa M34
June 23
0230 Nigeria v Republic of Korea M35 (*live on Studio 23)
0230 Greece v Argentina M36
2200 Slovenia v England M37
2200 USA v Algeria M38 (*delayed on Studio 23)
June 24
0230 Ghana v Germany M39
0230 Australia v Serbia M40 (*live on Studio 23)
2200 Slovakia v Italy M41
2200 Paraguay v New Zealand M42 (*delayed on Studio 23)
June 25
0230 Denmark v Japan M43 (* live on Studio 23)
0230 Cameroon v Netherlands M44
2200 Korea DPR v Ivory Coast M46 (*delayed on Studio 23)
2200 Portugal v Brazil M45
June 26
0230 Switzerland v Honduras M48 (*live on Studio 23)
0230 Chile v Spain M47
2200 Round of 16 1 (1A v 2B) M49
June 27
0230 Round of 16 3 (1C v 2D) M50
2200 Round of 16 4 (1D v 2C) M51
June 28
0230 Round of 16 2 (1Bv 2A) M52
2200 Round of 16 5 (1E v 2F) M53
June 29
0230 Round of 16 7 (1G v 2H) M54
2200 Round of 16 6 (1F v 2E) M55
June 30
0230 Round of 16 8 (1H v 2G) M56
July 2
2200 Quarterfinal 5 v 7 (C) M57
July 3
0230 Quarterfinal 1 v 3 (A) M58
2200 Quarterfinal 2 v 4 (B) M59
July 4
0230 Quarterfinal 6 v 8 (D) M60
July 7
0230 Semifinal M61   (+simulcast on Studio 23)
July 8
0230 Semifinal M62 (+simulcast on studio 23)
July 11
0230 3rd Place Match M63
July 12
0230 Final M64 (+simulcast on Studio 23)
Daily match replays will start at 11:00 am.
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