Event: Damit para kay Ploning

Monday, November 24, 2008

Many Filipinos were happy to know that there’s a bundle of hope for the nomination of ‘Ploning’ in the Oscars 2009 under the Foreign Language Film Category.

Being the star in the said movie, Judy Ann Santos is more than joyful. She’s very honored for her movie was chosen to represent the Philippine Film Industry in the international scene. Opportunities like these don’t just pour like rain, and so it is just as important that each Filipino support this very special undertaking.

Judy Ann Santos has organized an event where clothes and other things of the celebrities will be auctioned. This is to collect 5 million pesos as fund for Ploning. This is also one way to show support for the said film so that it would be included in the final list of nominees of the Oscars. With a project title ‘Damit Para Kay Ploning’, the entrance fee is only 100 pesos. The event will be held at Plaza Ibarra on November 28, 12nn to 6pm.

The celebrities who participated in this auction are Gretchen Barreto, Kris Aquino, Vhong Navarro, Julius and Tintin Babao, Marian Rivera, Vicky Belo, Tim Yap, Regine Velasquez, Direk Louie Ignacio, Wyngard Tracy, Agot Sandejas, Ogie Alcasid, , Beth Tamayo-Wong, Rowell Santiago, Dingdong Dantes, John Lapus, Rufa Mae Quinto, JC Buendia, Randy Ortiz, Luis Alandy, Kyla, Gabby Eigenmann, , Sunshine Cruz, Fanny Serrano, Juan Sarte, and Jolina Magdangal.

Join in this special event and turn the possibility to reality and make Ploning as an Oscar nominee.

Join judai.multiply.com

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Cinema One Originals 2008

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Top movie cable channel Cinema One proudly announces its seven (7) finalists for the 2008 Cinema One Originals Digital Film Festival. Screened, trimmed down and finally chosen to vie for the top awards, each of these independent films have stories that are as individualistic and diverse, yet still very reflective of the Filipino culture and which caters to a wide variety of audiences locally and internationally.

Alon by writer and director Byron Bryant stars Charee Pinede, Mark Gil and Eula Valdez in a hushed love story between a forlorn young girl and lonesome grown man. Dose of winning writer-director Senedy Que is a tender and passionate friendship that knows no age, or gender. It stars Yul Servo, Emilio Garcia, Irma Adlawan and Fritz Chavez. Yanggaw by writer-director Richard Somes explores the eerie side of humanity and the consequences that can wreak havoc over a place or a family when a curse infects them. It casts Joel Torre, Techie Agbayani, Ronnie Lazaro and introducing Aleera Montalla. MotorCycle of director Jon Red and writer-producer Karlo de Guzman is a melodrama-joyride from Manila to Vigan of a young man who discovers the inner truths of his identity and his family. It stars Jason Abalos, Nonie Buencamino, Kat Alano, Shamaine Centenera, Lovely Rivero, Jojit Lorenzo, Lance Raymundo, Jao Mapa and Jose Buencamino. Imburnal of writer-director Sherad Anthony Sanchez is this year's controversial finalist and winner of the Lino Brocka Grand Prize Award in the recent 10th CineManila International Film Festival's Digital Local category. Shot in Davao, this is a very provocative story of young lives who are about to get into young manhood while finding solace in their own little worlds. It casts John Barredo, Bagane Fiola, Joel Geolamen, Mark Limbaga and Jelieta Ruca. UPCAT of director Roman Olivares and writer Inna Miren Salazar and Alfred Reyes is a hip teen drama that gives the excitement and anxiety late teens go through with their dream of making it in the country's State University. Kolorete of director Ruello Lozendo in a screenplay by Sherad Anthony Sanchez is a period melodrama that full of characters and insight about the disparity and lack of trust between the landlords and the peasants.

This year's jury is composed of media veterans. They are renowned and respected people in various fields yet with strong alliances in the movie industry. Grace Javier 'Gigi' Alfonso is a professor and chancellor of the UP Open University. She is also one of the members of the Gawad Urian and Manunuri ng Pelikulang Pilipino. Lito B. Zulueta is editor and editorialist of the Philippine Daily Inquirer. In 2004, he was Japan Foundation fellow to the 17th Tokyo International Film Festival. A Faculty of Arts and Letters of Pontifical University of Santo Tomas, he teaches journalism, literature and film theory. From being a fine arts graduate to production designer for television commercials and movies like Takaw Tukso (1985) Private Show (1986) and Olongapo: The Great American Dream (1987), Brillante Mendoza metamorphosed into one of our most brilliant filmmakers. His films Masahista (2005), Manoro (The Aeta Teacher) in 2006, Kaleldo (Summer Heat) in 2007 and his recent Serbis (2008) won international film awards. Serbis is also the first Filipino film to be invited as official selection in the prestigious New York Film Festival. Initially making her mark in support roles to various hits like Ang Tanging Ina (2003), Paano Kita Iibigin (2007) and Pasukob (2007), comedienne Eugene Domingo stratosphered to lead star status in the 2006 ‘Vilma-centric’ comedy-parody D' Lucky Ones. She also received raves in drama playing a woman frittering into old maidenhood in an episode for Maalaala Mo Kaya drama series in 2006. In the production Apat-Dapat, she was one of the players who mixed satire and realism in her characterizations. A communication arts graduate of the University of the Philippines, Jeffrey Jeturian rose to becoming script supervisor, production designer, television show director and when his first major film Pila Balde (Fetch a Pail of Water) in 2002 drew critical acclaim what also followed were awards, recognitions and exhibitions overseas such as the Gold Prize at the Houston-Worldfest (Texas, USA) International Film Festival; NETPAC Jury Prize, 1999 CineManila International Film Festival; exhibition in Lincoln Center in the United States as well as in other countries such as Sweden, Germany, France, Bangladesh, Canada, Hong Kong, Singapore, Colombia, Czech Republic, Slovak Republic and Italy. His 2006 movie Kubrador (The Best Collector) won a total of 16 awards overseas and locally, including the Lino Brocka Grand Prize in the 2006 CineManila Film Festival. Unceasing his television directing works, his 2007 'Rehas' episode in Maalaala Mo Kaya starring Gina Pareño received the Seoul Drama Awards for TV.

The Festival will kick off via a Campus Tour in selected universities and colleges around Metro Manila from November 19 to November 27. The Cinema One Originals Awards Ceremonies will be on November 28 at the Dolphy Theater of the ABS-CBN. All seven films will have a one week theatrical screening from December 3 to 10 at the IndieSine of the Robinsons Galleria. All seven digital films are produced and owned by Creative Programs, Inc (CPI) thru the Cinema One Originals' annual movie project.

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Cinema One Originals 2008 - Yanggaw

In this year’s 4rth Cinema One Originals Digital Film Festival, one movie will send shivers up and down moviegoers’ spines, Yanggaw!

What is Yanggaw? Should this be answered, the story may come off to be a giveaway. Yanggaw is a verb; an Ilonggo dialect for…infected. And this drama-mystery of writer-director Richard Somes is the story of an ordinary family with extraordinary family problems and dark secrets that will change their lives forever. Headed by a casting coup of Joel Torre, Tetchie Agbayani, Ronnie Lazaro, with Aleera Montalla, Monet Gaston, Gio Respall, Keith Bryan Cabañez, Leon Gaston, Lilit Reyes and Erik Matti this time getting in front of the camera instead of directing, Yanggaw

In a tiny village in a very far-flung province, superstitions and dark beliefs still run deep and imbedded in the lives of a particular family. However quite in touch with modernity, an ‘omen’ still lords over their lives. But these omens are not mere beliefs. They’re real events with consequences that can wreak this family. When Junior’s (Lazaro) daughter Amor (Montalla) gets stricken with an illness no doctor could not diagnose, townsfolk likewise were stricken by animal corpses and soon enough, murdered people. Junior’s family slowly discovers she is showing symptoms of Yanggaw: the deliberate transformation of humans to act, behave and become dangerously inhuman. This leaves Junior to choose between his family or Amor.

Brave story progression makes Yanggaw a digital film that is set to become big in theaters because should it be described, “it is visually stunning, the flavour is very Pinoy and it tackles specific aspects of Pinoy family values. Plus it’s very real,” observes winning actress, professor and great beauty Tetchie Agbayani. Director Richard Somes is also quick to point out “just when something wrong is already going on within this particular family, every viewer will find the movie different, but it’s still all about family and family values.”

Yanggaw will blaze the trail for new genres in independent filmmaking being one of the seven (7) finalists for the 4rth Annual Cinema One Originals Digital Film Festival. The Filmfest will kick of with a Campus Tour from November 19 to 27. The awards nights will be held on November 28 at the Dolphy Theater of the ABS-CBN. Theatrical Screening will be from December 3 to 10 at the IndieSine of the Robinsons Galleria. Yanggaw is produced and owned by Cinema One and Creative Programs, Inc (CPI) thru its Cinema One Originals movie project.

Ronnie Lazaro - Junior
Tetchie Agbayani - Inday
Joel Torre - Dulpo
Aleera Montalla - Amor
Monet Gaston - Erma
Gio Respall - Toto
Keith Bryan Cabañez - Abner
Leon Gaston - Leon
Erik Matti - Lazarus Ave
Lilit Reyes - Dr. Sandico

Richard Somes - Director
Executive Producer - Ronald Arguelles
James Montelibano & Armi Rae Canindin - Assistant Director
Borgy Torre - 2nd Assistant Director and Editor
Maimai Montelibano - Production Head
Riza Montelibano - Line Producer
Lyle Sacris & Herman Claravall - Directors of Photography
Joel de Guzman - Head Camera Operator
Rolly Gallo & Gerry Mongcal - Cameramen
Jon Vitangcol & Buboy Lumibao - Gaffers
Ritchie Besas - Script Continuity
Michael Español & Donald Camon - Production Designers
Rashem Gumacal - Art Director
Adrian Española - Assistant Art Department Coordinator
Chistine Banares - Costume Designer
Rynheart Trujillo & Donabel Macanan - Wardrobe
Menalyn Duque - Make-up Artist
Elmer Gamila - Art Department Coordinator
Bong Pavia - Production Manager
Jimmy Callanga - Production Assistant
Rolly Balignasay & Louie Malicdem - Utility
Christopher Ceremonia - Head Set Man
Emanuel Balignasay - Prop Master
Reynante Torre, Allan Mosquera &
Noel Baltazar - Art Department
Charles Albert Alabado & Xerxes Cebellos - Special Artists
Ed de Guzman & Jun Bustos - P2 Caretakers
Alex Quirante - Dumper
Eduardo Velasques - Sound Man
Romeo Lopez - Boom Man
Chistopher Batara - Cable Man
Marlon Jimera & Liyel Tulio - V.T.R.

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Cinema One Originals 2008 - UPCAT

U.P.C.A.T. is an acronym that instantly means the State University entrance exam for college. This time the acronym becomes a word, specifically a movie title. What’s more, UPCAT will not be about test papers but real people and real lives we will meet in the 2008 Cinema One Originals Digital Film Festival!

Directed by Roman Olivares in a screenplay by Inna Miren Salazar and Alfred Geoffrey Reyes, UPCAT stars Felix Roco, Joseph Roble, Yas Neri, Malou Crisologo and award-winning actors Bembol Roco and Mark Gil.

Carrying the catchline that proclaims “Ito ang Kuwento ng Sukatan, Pasikatan at Shaded Circles. Ito ang Kuwentong UPCAT ni Lucas,” UPCAT is a coming-of-age light melodrama that centers around Lucas (Felix Roco), who along with his best buddy Joaquin (Roble), are provincial lads who very much believe passing the UPCAT (University of the Philippines College Admission Test) is the passport to their dreams of a better future. While Joaquin’s goal is to get instantly a well-paying job in the city and bring his OFW parents back home, Lucas on the other hand wants nothing more than to win the heart of his rich schoolmate Jane, simultaneously using the UPCAT education as his front to win Jane’s family who are all U.P. grads. While both young men seek help in reviewing and prepare for the exam from Michael, a fine arts U.P. grad with a dark secret, little do they know their goals will bring them to new roads of their lives. Eventually discovering new things bout themselves they never thought they have or can do. Brimming with jargons and situations of the student body and academe, UPCAT’s rich characters become real people whose different backgrounds and stories shape the life in the country’s State University.

Modestly confident of his skills in directing his first major movie, Roman Carlo Olivares has already directed the first Philippine reality TV show Single that ran for seven successful seasons. He also helmed MTV Homecoming, MTV Get Hitched of MTV Philippines, It’s A Guy Thing and Rush TV on Studio 23. Greatly adept in camera angles and shots plus constantly in the know about events and media works, Olivarez is currently the Creative Head of independent production company named Moomoo, Incorporated which does TV shows, PR and Events. In her first movie screenplay De La Salle grad and full-time Ad Agency Copywriter Inna Salazar sets in her UPCAT script what will make the movie catchy for viewers beyond the student world. “I want the dialogues simple but relatable since these are characters whom we also happen to be when we were students,” she stresses. What everybody will see in UPCAT then are real people with real dreams.

UPCAT is a finalist in the 4rth Annual Cinema One Originals Digital Film Festival. The Campus Tour will kick off the Filmfest from November 19 to 27, culminating to the Awards Night on November 28 at the Dolphy Theater of the ABS-CBN. All 7 films will have their Theatrical Screening from December 3 to 10 at the IndieSine of the Robinson’s Galleria. UPCAT is produced and owned by Creative Programs, Inc. (CPI) thru its annual Cinema One Originals movie project.

Felix Roco - Lucas
Joseph Roble - Joaquin
Yas Neri - Jane
Bembol Roco - Mang Avelino
Malou Crisologo - Aling Baby
Mark Gil - Mr. Concepcion

Roman Olivares - Director
Executive Producer - Ronald Arguelles
Melvin Brito - Assistant Director
Inna Miren Salazar &
Alfred Geoffrey Reyes - Screenplay
Producer - Joselle Acuna
Pao Pangan - Director of Photography
Mike Beltran - Production Design
Yong Garcia & Jeng Encabo - Production Managers
Roman Olivares & Melvin Brito - Editors
Brian Sta. Ana - Musical Scorer
Rico Salvan - Graphic Artist
Marc & Ino - Stills and BTS

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Cinema One Originals 2008 - Motorcycle

Because Cinema One is now the venue for a new generation of filmmakers and writers and their diversity to be known, the 4rth Annual Cinema One Originals will make moviegoers waste no time to see MotorCycle at the Indie Sine of the Robinson’s Galleria this December!

Directed by Jon Red in a unique story and screenplay by real life rider and motoring columnist mainly for Motorcycle magazine Karlo de Guzman, this digital film where past and present images run like fast vignettes and montages is where life is shaped and that viewers will eventually trace. It stars an ensemble cast headed by Jason Abalos, Nonie Buencamino, Kat Alano, Shamaine Centenera, Lovely Rivero, Hazel Mendoza, Jao Mapa, Soliman Cruz, Jojit Lorenzo, Lance Raymundo, Fidel Go, Geraldine Tan and Jose Buencamino.

Motorcycle is a tale of self-discovery when secrets are revealed. This drama centers around a young man who takes on a journey to Vigan, Ilocos Norte. Instead his important travel becomes a sojourn that will unlock his real identity and reveal secrets of his family. The road trip is a favor instructed by his father to commence after his death. As the journey pushes forward, the son’s past runs in reverse. When he gets to his destination, he recalls a childhood memory that has always eluded him. It is also there where he meets someone who he never suspected has a connection with his existence. Realistic yet carrying a documentary feel, Motorcycle becomes an independent film that’s likewise a collaborative art.

MotorCycle’s associate producer and writer Karlo de Guzman is not actually new to the movies. He has co-produced and collaborated on the screenplay of the mystery-drama Astigmatism (2004) starring Robin Padilla and Albert Martinez and Utang Ni Tatang (2002), starring Joel Torre, Jeffrey Quizon and Ronnie Lazaro, both directed by Jon Red. MotorCycle is his first Cinema One Originals movie. Revealing that Motorcycle is a ‘baby’ of a movie the smiley-faced attractive writer-producer attests “this movie is very close to my heart because its got so much poetry and irony. The story moves forward while the rider races backwards, slowly knowing himself. The new people he meets have old connection to his family.”

Motorcycle is one of the seven (7) finalists in the 4rth Cinema One Originals Digital Film Festival owned by Creative Programs, Inc. (CPI) thru the Cinema One Originals Annual movie project. Its Campus Tour starts November 19 to 27 and the Awards Night on November 28 at the Dolphy Theater of the ABS-CBN. Theatrical Screening of the 7 films is on December 3 to 10 at the IndieSine of the Robinson’s Galleria.

Katherine Solis, Corporate Communications
415-2272 loc. 4607, katherine_solis@abs-cbn.com
Wilbur, Cinema One loc. 3172, w_waif@yahoo.com


Jason Abalos - The Rider
Nonie Buencamino - The Father
Kat Alano - Cherry
Shamaine Centenera - Solana
Lovely Rivero - Malou
Hazel Mendoza - The Sister
Jao Mapa - Romus
Soliman Cruz - Uncle Robot
Jojit Lorenzo - Ian
Lance Raymundo - Rene
Fidel Go - Kap
Geraldine Tan - The Mother
Jose Buencamino - The Young Rider

Jon Red - Director
Executive Producer - Ronald Arguelles
Karlo de Guzman - Story & Screenplay Writer and Associate Producer
Marinet Lusanta - Assistant Director
EJ Salcedo &
Carol Bunuan Red - Line Producer
Ogi Sugatan - Director of Photography
Mikey Red - Production Designer
Ria de Guzman - Editor
Catherine Rada - Associate Editor
Ching Reyes - Production Manager
Vincent San Antonio - 2nd Cameraman
Timmy Harn - Art Director
Bong Rosario - Musical Score
Traumaligno - Bond; providing the movie’s soundtrack
Allan Hilado - Soundman
Anne Magadia - Make-up
Kathy Rada - Production Assistant and Co-Editor

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Cinema One Originals 2008 - Kolorete

In the coming Cinema One Originals Digital Film Festival this November, one finalist shines because of its reflection of past and modern society and the inner aim its colourful characters tells so much, Kolorete!

Directed by Ruello Lozendo (one of the 3 directors of Cinema One Originals 2006 finalist Pandanggo) in a screenplay by Sherad Anthony Sanchez, Kolorete is a period melodrama that features an ensemble cast of ‘natural’ and mostly theater actors like Roeder Camañag, Jean Judith Javier, Angeli Agbayani, Chiqui Xerex Bugos, Edgar Sandalo, Coreen Chan, Frank Garcia, Perry Dizon, Lawrence Roxas and Melody Amor. Featuring a very believable production shot in Biak-Na-Bato, San Miguel, Bulacan and design enhanced by a treatment the director describes as ‘camera as silent rebel,’ Kolorete becomes a web of colourful characters whose each inner or selfish interest can lead either somewhere or nowhere.

In a town where friars and landlords ruled laymen and peasants, trust and sincerity is hardly present in any deals and encounters between their divided existence and lives. So when the town prepares for a stage play to serve as despedida for the Alcalde Mayor or Gobernadorcillo who was dismissed by the town’s friar, suspicions heat up. Adding to the mounting controversy is the timely visit of a Hong Kong based Filipina soprano who is suspected to be an entourage of the incoming Alcalde Mayor. Secrets are inevitably unraveled. Secrets that can change the course of their history. When the afternoon play is finally staged, just about everyone is taken aback about the entire affair is a grand act of farewell.

Writer Sanchez affirms that Kolorete “is a reflection of real life even if it’s a period film because the characters have something to hide eh. All are revealed one by one in the end. That’s why there’s surprise.” This reflects the universal appeal the movie has. Coming from the success of his 2006 Originals Huling Balyan ng Buhi and this year’s intriguing contender Imburnal, Kolorete lets everyone see themselves and “make practically all of us, from politicians to showbiz people, from businessmen to consumers even down to the everyday people relate to Kolorete,” says Sanchez. However the movie has serious messages director Lozendo stresses that “Klorete is a commentary on today’s Philippine society but closely related to past Philippine Society. But there’s satire that’s why the story is light. Not boring to watch.”

Do not miss Kolorete in the 4rth Cinema One Originals Digital Film Festival from November 19 to 27 for its Campus Tour that kicks off the festival. The Awards Nights is on November 28 at the Dolphy Theater of the ABS-CBN and the Theatrical Screening from December 3 to 10 at the IndieSine of the Robinsons Galleria. This independent movie is owned and produced by Cinema One and Creative Programs, Inc. (CPI) thru its annual Cinema One Originals movie project.

Katherine Solis, Corporate Communications
415-2272 loc. 4607, katherine_solis@abs-cbn.com
Wilbur, Cinema One loc. 3172, w_waif@yahoo.com

Roeder Camañag - Luciano
Jean Judith Javier - Asuncion
Angeli Bayani - Magdalena
Chiqui Xeres Burgos - Don Andres
Edgar Sandalo - Prayle Antarez
Coreen Chan - Isabel
Frank Garcia - Alejandro
Perry Dizon - Elias
Lawrence Roxas - Isagani

Ruello Lozendo - Director
Executive Producer - Ronald Arguelles
Sherad Anthony Sanchez - Screenplay
Lai Crisostomo - Production Manager
Poi Beltran - Assistant Director
Zyan Caiña - Assistant Director
Albert Banzon - Director of Photography
Wilfredo Calderon - Production Designer
Clang Sison - Editor
Earl Drilon - Sound Engineer
Diwa de Leon - Musical Composer & Musical Director
Jet Amorsolo - Sound Recordist
Maisa Demetillo - Art Director
Kat Compuesto - Costume Designer
Kristine Kintana - Production Coordinator
Niño Valencia - Production Assistant

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Cinema One Originals 2008 - Imburnal

When the Cinema One Originals Digital Film Festival kicks off this November, one of the seen finalists will make the hardest hit and deepest dent in local moviedom, Imburnal!

Written and directed by Sherad Anthony Sanchez along with ensemble filmmakers namely John Baredo, Bagane Fiola, Joel Geolamen, Mark Limbaga and Jelieta Ruca, this drama takes us to the sun-drenched town of Matina Aplaya in Davao City where provincial life is given a worldly twist.

After making his mark in the digital film Huling Balyan ng Buhi, his first successful movie, first entry in the first Cinema One Originals in 2006, writer and director Sanchez further rises to prominence with Imburnal. That’s because aside from being one of the strongest contenders for the 2008 Cinema One Originals Awards this November, it has also won the Lino Brocka Grand Prize Award at the 10th CineManila International Film Festival just this October. Adding to its recognition is its controversial ‘X-rating’ it initially received from the MTRCB. At those points any movie-ficionado can only think what the movie has to offer! However its crescendoing hoopla, it’s the movie’s raw but realistic take on changing young life that should not be missed.

This is a tale of manhood about to erode two pubescents. While always hanging out in the crevasses of Punta Dumalog to escape the rigors and rushes of impoverished life, Rabat and Allen also find solitary, dent their friendship and shape their orientations in life, talking about what they witness and encounter daily in their neighborhood. There’s the lonely Gigi who foster-parent them. These are characters whose lives are eroding their different desires to quench their thirst for ‘manhood’.

Imburnal will awaken our senses in the 4rth Cinema One Originals Digital Film Festival via its Campus Tour from November 19 to 27, culminating to its awards nights on November 28 at the Dolphy Theater of the ABS-CBN. The Theatrical Screening will be from December 3 to 10 at the IndieSine of the Robinsons Galleria. This digital movie is owned and produced by Cinema One and Creative Programs, Inc. (CPI) thru its Cinema One Originals annual movie project.

Brian Monterola - Rabat
Jelieta Mariveles-Ruca - Gigi
Allen Lumanog - Allen
Lawrence Garrido - Lawrence
Elvis Zerna - Elvis
Dianne Zipagan - Diane
Maricel Rosello - Maricel
Carmela de Guzman - Ilang

Sherad Anthony Sanchez - Director
Executive Producer - Ronald Arguelles
Sherad Anthony Sanchez - Screenplay
John Barredo - Sound & Technical Supervisor
Jose Bagqane Fiola &
John Torres - Directors of Photography
Joel Geolamen - Director of Photography & Art Director
Mark Limbaga - Director of Photography & Assistant Editor
Jelieta Mariveles-Ruca - Production Manager
Remlanie Ruca - Community Relations

Matina Aplaya, Davao City

Awards & Recognitions
Lino Brocka Grand Prize, Best Digital Film – 10th Annual CineManila International Film Festival, October 2008

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Cinema One Originals 2008 - Dose

Cinema One prides itself with the landmark movies it gives its niche market, and which even successfully capture a larger demographic. In the coming Cinema One Originals Digital Filmfest Dose, a very provocative tale of ambiguous friendship will provoke discussions from everybody!

Written and directed by award-winning Senedy Que, Dose stars Yul Servo, Emilio Garcia, stage veteran Irma Adlawan, Ray An Dulay, Arlene Tolibas and introducing Fritz Chavez. The special participation of Alesandra de Rossi adds to the colourful cast that makes up the movie’s intriguing story.

When a friendly acquaintance develops into an unlikely closeness between a curious 12-year old boy named Edy and a lonely gardener Danny, the line that defines love and friendship, passion and trust inevitably intersects. In the end, theirs becomes an either complex relationship or mutual companionship that defies age…and gender.

Senedy Que has since become successful in his screenplay writing when he completed the script of Mga Munting Tinig in 2002 with Adolf Alix (D’Anothers, Donsol) and Gil Portes (Markova), which won the Best Screenplay in the 2003 Palm Beach International Film Festival in Florida, U.S.A. Too, its critical raves from preview audiences and every critic lead to more profound scripts like A Beautiful Life (2004), the sexual drama Matthew, Mark and Luke (2005) and more recently the punchy I.T.A.L.Y. (I Trust And Love You) of director Mark Reyes. This time having filmmakers and producers like Ufo Pictures’ Raymond Lee (Ang Pagdadalaga ni Maximo Oliveros, Endo) and Bicycle Pictures’ Adolf Alix, Jr. being his creative consultants for his Cinema One Originals digital entry under his SineQuest Production House, Dose will enrapture even the most cynical of viewers to believe in and fall in love with Dose 12 times over. This Que believes “because here is a story where a child and a man bonded because of the void they both want to fill. Iyung bata unloved, yung hardinero naman malungkot. That’s why when they became close, the line between friendship and affair is blurred, yet the intrigue is there kaya everybody will feel iyung lalim ng pelikula.” Debunking the story to be autobiographical, Que however divulges Dose flows with snippets or little dialogues from films he grew up with. “The are associations here from movies like Waikiki, Darna, Dyesebel, The Sisters and Underage, kase the gay-like lines add amusement to Dose’s story,” he chuckles. But it’s still the progressing and provocative closer for comfort relationship between two people that will mark in moviegoers’ hearts. Ushering us all to its catchphrase that declares “Love knows no age or gender.”

Dose is produced and owned by Cinema One and Creative Programs, Inc. (CPI). The 2008 Cinema One Originals Digital Film Festival kicks off with a Campus Screening Tour from November 19 to 27. The Awards Night is on November 28 at the Dolphy Theater of the ABS-CBN. Its Theatrical Screening will be from December 3 to 10 at the IndieSine of the Robinson’s Galleria.

Yul Servo - Danny, the Gardener
Fritz Chavez - Edy, a 12-year old unloved child
Emilio Garcia - Edy, a 40-year old filmmaker
Irma Adlawan - Helen, 38-year old aunt who takes care of Edy
Ray Ann Dulay - Bobby, Edy’s current boyfriend
Arlene Tolibas - Pilay, the loyal maid
Special Participation:
Alessandra de Rossi - The Teacher

Director - Senedy H. Que
Executive Producer - Ronald Arguelles
Story & Screenplay - Senedy H. Que
Arman Reyes - Assistant Director
Butch Maddul - Director of Photography
Maxie Evangelista - Line Producer
Rolly Palmes - Production Manager
Gerry Santos - Production Design
Orlean Tan - Editor
Iluminada ‘Lumeng’ Medrano - Art Director
Tonee Asejo & Robin Palmes - Production Assistants
Raymond Lee & Adolf Alix, Jr. - Creative Consultant

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Cinema One Originals 2008 - Alon

For almost 15 years now, Cinema One, with its diverse programming, successfully introduced a new wave of writers, directors, cinematographers, actors and actresses via the independent film circuit. In the coming 4rth Annual Cinema One Originals Digital Film Festival this month, one movie will create waves to enrapture everybody, Alon.

Starring promising newcomer and commercial model-cum-actress Charee Pineda with award-winning actors Mark Gil and Eula Valdez, this sinewy drama of director Byron Bryant who also completed the screenplay with Raymond Gerard Cruz is a tender tale of love between a girl and a man. With the beach, the shore and the seaside village being its principal setting, Alon has a hushed appeal that stresses the beauty and even unpredictability of its story. 17-year old Vanni (Pineda) is spending a vacation in a seaside village when one morning, searching for her lost puppy she meets Fiel (Gil), a lonesome man living alone in a beach house. Currently avoiding her ineffectual and immature boyfriend, Vanni decides to hang out in the man’s house, and a mutual fondness develops between them. When she discovers he has a wife (Valdez), she begins to suppress her feelings while the grown man likewise tries to think he is not falling for her…yet. But when time comes for them to separate, apprehension and fear both slither into Vanni and Fiel, for they may not see each other again. Thus leading us all to the catchphrase of Alon: “One sad man…One lonely girl…And a million waves of emotions.”

More popularly known as Ron Bryant, the young filmmaker is considered possessing an eye for independent film storylines that explore another yet real side of life. In his 2006 gem Rotonda where struggling photojournalist also played by Mark Gil, captures a great image surely to hoist him to prominence reflect how redemptions can re-shape anybody’s dwindling self-esteem. This Cinemalaya gem won the Best Direction (Bryant), Best Editing, Best Musical Score and the Best Actor for Gil in the 2007 Gawad Urian. Another indie he helmed is Baryoke which won Best Cinematography in the Cinemalaya 2005. He also co-wrote the script of Celso Ad Castillo’s horror hit Sanib in 2003 and Liwanag sa Dilim of director Lawrence Fajardo. He even completed select episodes in the hit teleserye Kay Tagal Kang Hinintay in 2002.

Alon is one of the seven (7) finalists in the 4rth Annual Cinema One Originals Film Festival. The Festival will kick off via Campus Tour around Metro Manila from November 19 to 27. The Awards Nights is on November 28 at the Dolphy Theater of the ABS-CBN. Their Theatrical Screening is from December 3 to 10 at the IndieSine of the Robinsons Galleria. Alon is produced and owned by Creative Programs, Inc (CPI) thru the Cinema One Originals annual movie project.

Charee Pineda - Vanni
Mark Gil - Fiel
Eula Valdez - Angela

Byron Bryant - Director
Executive Producer - Ronald Arguelles
Ron Bryant - Story & Screenplay
Raymond Gerard C. Cruz - Co-Writer
Mike Dagnalan & Bianca Balbuena - Assistant Directors
Regiben Romana - Director of Photography
Dempster Samarista - Editor & Soundman
Lodi Quintana & Denise Ang - Wardrobe & Make-Up
Ma-an Asuncion & Mike Dagnalan - Supervising Producers
Cesar Yambao & Nicolas Varela - Production Managers
Bughaw - Gaffer
Mervin Espina - Stillman & BTS
Percival Quinan - Production Coordinator (Agno)
Jerry Rosete - Talent Coordinator (Agno

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Jazz up your Email with GMAIL Themes with style!

Über personalize your email the way you like it! Gmail introduces another break through on electronic mailing where you can choose among the wide range of themes and designs that will suit your mood. You can be as girly as you want, punky, nature lover of simply be you. Gmail is now the leading email provider that first introduces bigger bandwith on email, chat messaging on email interface and now with call and video features. What more can you ask for sign up now on gmail.com and don't be left behind!.

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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

HERO TV, the country’s only Filipino-dubbed anime cable channel is gearing up for “HATAW! HANEP! HERO- the Amped Edition” on November 21-22, 2008 at the Silver City, Frontera Verde, Pasig City. It is the biggest and grandest anime, technology and youth fair of the year.

This year, HERO TV joins forces with ABS-CBN Multimedia to give the people the best possible HATAW! HANEP! HERO experience ever. ABS-CBN Multimedia is the gaming subsidiary of ABS-CBN Interactive that introduced to the market popular games such as Tantra, Cronous, Get Amped, and War Rock. They are set to hold the grand finals of their annual nationwide gaming tournament, AmpedFest, during the event, where they will be giving away over P500,000 worth of prizes.

Now on its fourth year, HATAW! HANEP! HERO or H3 is HERO TV’s annual two-day youth convention wherein thousands of anime, gaming, technology, cosplay enthusiasts and more gather together to have fun and check out the latest innovations in the industry. Among the list of activities for the event are a cosplay competition, street dance showdown, dubbing contest, manga art exhibits and a battle of the bands. Numerous display booths, offering various merchandise like manga, toys, software, and much more will be set-up to excite the attendees. Other fun things to do will be include wall-climbing, face-painting and more. The main program will be highlighted by performances by Sponge Cola and Sandwich on November 21 and by Angulo and Sugarfree on November 22.

HATAW! HANEP! HERO- the Amped Edition will officially open its gates at 6pm on November 21, 2008 and 10am on November 22, 2008. Tickets, priced at P100, are available at the event venue and all TicketNet outlets. For inquiries, please call 911-5555.

Tune in to HERO TV, on Sky Cable Channel 44, for more details about Hataw Hanep Hero: The Amped Edition. Bida ka dito! HERO TV is the animation cable channel of the Cable Channels and Print Media Group Inc., a subsidiary of ABS-CBN Broadcasting Corporation.

For more details visit www.Amped.com.ph

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Cinema One Originals 2008 Campus Showing

Monday, November 17, 2008

Directed by Byron Bryant
Screenplay by Ron Bryant
Nov. 24, College of Saint Benilde Amphitheater, 6pm
Nov. 25, Assumption College, 3:30pm

Directed by Senedy Que
Screenplay by Senedy Que
Nov. 20, UP Film Center, 7pm

Directed by Sherad Anthony Sanchez
Screenplay by Sherad Anthony Sanchez
Nov. 20, UP Film Center, 9pm

Directed by Ruello Lozendo
Screenplay by Sherad Anthony Sanchez
Nov. 19, FEU Auditorium, 3:30 pm
Nov. 24, College of Saint Benilde Amphitheater, 1pm

Directed by Jon Red
Screenplay by Karlo de Guzman
Nov. 19, FEU Auditorium, 1pm

Directed by Roman Olivares
Screenplay by Alfred Geoffrey Reyes
Nov.20, Up Film Center, 5pm
Nov. 25, Assumption College, 1pm

Directed by Richard Somes
Screenplay by Richard Somes
Nov. 24, College of Saint Benilde Amphitheater, 7:30pm

Awards Night will be on November 28 at the Dolphy Theater, ABS-CBN.

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SHERYN REGIS: A Singer, A Performer and The Powerbelter!

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Sheryn Regis has gone a long way after joining the prestigious Star in a Million singing competition in ABS-CBN wherein she ended up 1st runner up.

Sheryn was a crowd favorite and was a consistent top scorer in the said competition. In fact, she won the Texter’s Choice Award proving that she’s capable of charming her audience. Sheryn was also dubbed as the ‘Powerbelter’ for her outstanding and powerful voice that leaves the audience awe-struck every time she starts to hit those high notes.

She has earned numerous awards ever since she entered the music scene. The most recent was when she was declared to be the Most Promising Female Performer in the Golden Elephant Awards, an award giving body based in Thailand that recognizes excellence in the field of performing arts across the regions. The awarding will be held in December.

Her songs are engraved in the heart of each Filipino. Her platinum and gold awards are proofs that the public has learned to love her music. Sheryn has sung several hits like, Kailan Kaya, Come On In Out Of The Rain, Maybe and Try It On My Own.

Sheryn did not keep herself tied in music alone. She was also able to enter the world of acting. Her very first acting stint was in ABS-CBN’s Love Spell which positively surprised the televiewers. And now, she is also part of the well-watched teleserye I ? Betty La Fea as she plays the role of one of the secretaries in Eco Moda.

Apart from her acting stints, she was still able to release a new album entitled “Starting Over Again” with the same carrier single. It includes other tracks such as "It Must Have Been Love" and "Always", which are doing well in the airwaves today.

Sheryn has also been in demand abroad because TFC subscribers constantly request her to do a show which makes her one of the busiest singers in the country.

Sheryn continues to captivate the hearts of the audience. She stands firm on the ground but persists on reaching the top. Indeed, the ‘Powerbelter’ belts out more power as she remains to be one of the finest singers/performers in our country.

Grab your copy of Sheryn Regis’ album, ‘Starting Over Again’. Available in all music stores nationwide or visit Star Records newly constructed site (www.starrecords.ph) if you want to purchase it online!

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Lifestyle Network, Food, and Foodie Bazaar at the A.Venue Events Hall, Makati on Nov 15-16

Friday, November 14, 2008

Bring more cheers to the yuletide season

Come and experience Christmas shopping at its grandest at the Holiday Treasures Bazaar, brought to you by the Lifestyle Network with Food and foodie magazines. Join us at the A.Venue Events Hall, Makati Avenue, Makati City on November 15 and 16, 2008 for this once-a-year treat. Try out the offerings of sumptuous delights, some of which are featured in Food and foodie magazines. Discover great getups from up-and-coming fashion retailers. Get fabulous finds from hip accessory shops. Or buy the perfect Christmas gift at any of the novelty stalls. At the Holiday Treasures Bazaar, you’ll definitely get satisfying treats and real value for money.

Bring the whole family to the bazaar; it’s a fun affair for everyone. Learn from cooking demonstrations from top chefs, meet Santa Claus, and get a chance to take home marvelous raffle items. The Holiday Treasures Bazaar will be open from 10 am to 10 pm.

This is Lifestyle Network’s fourth bazaar and this years there are even more options for the smart shopper. From Christmas delicacies and sweets to trendy outfits and even eco-friendly and stylish footwear, we have all the finest gift ideas for the holidays.

Holiday Treasures Bazaar is sponsored by Pond’s, Dove, Knorr, Selecta, Ladies’ Choice, LG, Rexona, Belo Essentials, Elba, Kremil-S, Purefoods, Multiply, and Nokia.

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Thursday, November 13, 2008

Always wanting to offer the best to their loyal supporters, Food Magazine, Foodie Magazine and the Lifestyle Network join forces to bring you the best buys this Christmas. March to the Holiday Treasure's Bazaar this coming weekend, November 15 and 16 from 10am to 10pm at A-Venue Events Hall, Makati.

This is the only place that brings great treats, fab finds and sumptuous delights in one place. Don't wait for the Christmas season to start shopping. The Holiday Treasure's Bazaar is your one-stop shop for all your Christmas needs. Get great bargains on products and food that are wonderful as presents this season.

What's best is that there's no entrance fee! Just bring yourself and maybe a friend or two and enjoy the weekend by Christmas shopping. All credit cards are also accepted in the event.

Block off your scheds and head to the Holiday Treasure's Bazaar this Saturday and Sunday!


Yammer is not that YUM YUM for Micro-blogging Fanatics

Sunday, November 2, 2008

In the height of Micro-blogging such as Plurk and Twitter. A new platform was created and intends to cater companies and work station. So if you are a fan social networking where you are free to post anything like links of your latest post on your blog, dished you friends, post your negative reaction or simply make anyone notice you because you are have attention deficit disorder and you wanted to be on the limelight, well Yammer is not for you. Yammer was created as I mention it a tool for making companies ang organizations more productive through the exchange of one line answers, questions or status like "XXX is working on the draft presentation" or "XXX is reating reports on the new ad campaign" Yammer is more on a specific social network like an exclusive company like yahoo groups.

It's platform is like twitter, with a vertical timeline and the message field is located above the timeline. while on the right section where you can see the short profile, short list of followers and groups.

Yammer was founded by former executives and early employees of PayPal, eGroups, eBay, and Tribe. It is backed by venture capital firms Founders Fund and Charles River Ventures. And the website is for free like twitter and plurk but if the a company wishes to get a certain group's admin tool the price would be available for negotiation.

As for social networking freak like me, Yammer as micro-blogging tool may not cater most of the internet savvy people, but it may actually help in a company/work perspective to lessen email bandwith, walking from table to table asking updates, and ear ringing phone calls, instead being update is just a click on a refresh button right a way.

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Twitter, Plurk and Yammer: The Micro-Blogging War!

What's good with social networking now is that aside from online diary or blogging is that you can post your ideas, mood and what you are exactly doing in a one liner message and broadcast it to your social network friends.

Before the's yahoo messenger, msn messenger, gtalk, meebo, skype and chat sites, now comes twitter, plurk and yammer where you can send one liner message to a collective of users (like chatting) to your choice of network (like instant messeging).

Twitter - it started last March 2006 , twitter became a fad for others who wanter to share what they are doing on that time, in a span of few months twitter taps several platforms aside from its main site. Twitter became the vehicle of side feed promotion with the help of twitterfeed system that generate data from the rss feed that the owner chooses to include on his twitter features. Twitter introduces several desktop application such as Spaz, Twirl, and others that acts as desktop application and automatically refreshes. For those who have active lifestyle and always on the go yet they wanted to update their twitter followers, several mobile applications where included to tap this market. Twitter also includes web applications such as blog embeds and Facebook applications. But one thing that there is cons from twitter aside from its downtime errors is that people tends to flood on the message box everytime they post messages and reply to other members, the message box clogs with messages.

Plurk - like twitter, plurk is a micro blogging platform that has an horizontal timeline, where twitter has it vertically. But with plurk your main goal is to generate friends, fans and post as many messages as you can for karma (level) points which allows you to access new featuses such as new skins for your timeline, additional emoticons (including the dancing banana), change your name, badges like Plurk Nirvana (YingYang), Number of invites (Star), and Largest Number of Fans. Compare with twitter, plurk is more organize where friends can actually comment on your post without flooding your timeline box, and you can send private message in a bulk of people. Plurk includes blog embeds feature and mobile feature.

Plurk is also a multi-lingual website such as Indonesian, Polski, Spanish, Korean, Mandarin, Filipino, etc.

Yammer - It's a twitter like interface that automatically refreshes but when you register and log in you are pre-set on a group which is your company. It's like a twitter intended for company and letting the boss know what you are exactly doing, aside from posting from yammer. Yammer includes desktop, iPhone and Blueberry application. Yammer can be good in you intend to post things about your company like work/project updates to lessen use of emails and less walk to go to one people to another asking updates.
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Go Loco over I Love Betty La Fea and La Lola

Saturday, November 1, 2008

After the Korean face off of ABS-CBN's My Girl played by Kim Chui and GMA 7's Ako si Kim Samsoon played by Regine Velasquez, its Latina's night on Primetime where ABS-CBN releases I Love Betty La Fea played by Bea Alonzo the localize verion of Yo Soy Betty La Fea originated from Columbia under RCN TV while GMA 7 produces the localize La Lola played by Rhian Ramos which originated from Argentina under America TV.

Both shows doesn't air on the same schedule where I Love Betty La Fea's sched is battling against Gagambino while La Lola airs same slot with Iisa Pa Lamang.

As for I Love Betty La Fea the main goal of the story is that to prove that their is more beauty inside on what is been shown physically. The struggle of Betty is to show that despite of being physically challange she can do more of what a beautiful girl can do. The plat of the story takes place in Eco Moda where she will meet Armando, a playboy boss and end up loving her.

For La Lola the main goal of the story is about gender equality and rights for women where the main character Lalo who is a man who treats girl as toys as karma turns against him and she became a woman in a character named Lola and discover the importance of gender respect and real love with the help of Facundo.

They might be different in time slot and goal of the story bus same thing happen to My Girl and Kim Samsoon who give more justice on localizing famous foreign show.
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Iisa Pa Lamang is a surely 100% addictive tv drama of ABS-CBN

ABS-CBN's Iisa Pa Lamang in its final week proves that the show can be that much addictive for viewers from the speaking lines of the cast through the tupsy turvy loops and twist of the story. Who can ever forget the "Diamonds are forever" line of Catherine played by Claudine Barretto where she is wearing her diamonds while in a two piece bikini pissing her step daughter Sacrlet played by Angelica Panganiban. Who can ever forget the she-devil Isadora played by Cherie Pie Picache who made everyone's life misarable and gains lots of haters from the show's viewer. She actually serves her role well like what she did in Poster Child where she won Best Actress in Urian.

There are two things that we should not miss on the finale week of Iisa Pa Lamang. First will Catherine get revenge from the she devil Isadora. Second who among Miguel (Diether Ocampo) and Rafael (Gabby Concepcion) will be Catherine's final choice to be her man. Well we have til Friday to find out like what my mother is doing I keep on posted on the finale week who knows it will be a big shocker to its viewers and tv addicts like me.
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