Cinema One Originals 2008 - Dose

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Cinema One prides itself with the landmark movies it gives its niche market, and which even successfully capture a larger demographic. In the coming Cinema One Originals Digital Filmfest Dose, a very provocative tale of ambiguous friendship will provoke discussions from everybody!

Written and directed by award-winning Senedy Que, Dose stars Yul Servo, Emilio Garcia, stage veteran Irma Adlawan, Ray An Dulay, Arlene Tolibas and introducing Fritz Chavez. The special participation of Alesandra de Rossi adds to the colourful cast that makes up the movie’s intriguing story.

When a friendly acquaintance develops into an unlikely closeness between a curious 12-year old boy named Edy and a lonely gardener Danny, the line that defines love and friendship, passion and trust inevitably intersects. In the end, theirs becomes an either complex relationship or mutual companionship that defies age…and gender.

Senedy Que has since become successful in his screenplay writing when he completed the script of Mga Munting Tinig in 2002 with Adolf Alix (D’Anothers, Donsol) and Gil Portes (Markova), which won the Best Screenplay in the 2003 Palm Beach International Film Festival in Florida, U.S.A. Too, its critical raves from preview audiences and every critic lead to more profound scripts like A Beautiful Life (2004), the sexual drama Matthew, Mark and Luke (2005) and more recently the punchy I.T.A.L.Y. (I Trust And Love You) of director Mark Reyes. This time having filmmakers and producers like Ufo Pictures’ Raymond Lee (Ang Pagdadalaga ni Maximo Oliveros, Endo) and Bicycle Pictures’ Adolf Alix, Jr. being his creative consultants for his Cinema One Originals digital entry under his SineQuest Production House, Dose will enrapture even the most cynical of viewers to believe in and fall in love with Dose 12 times over. This Que believes “because here is a story where a child and a man bonded because of the void they both want to fill. Iyung bata unloved, yung hardinero naman malungkot. That’s why when they became close, the line between friendship and affair is blurred, yet the intrigue is there kaya everybody will feel iyung lalim ng pelikula.” Debunking the story to be autobiographical, Que however divulges Dose flows with snippets or little dialogues from films he grew up with. “The are associations here from movies like Waikiki, Darna, Dyesebel, The Sisters and Underage, kase the gay-like lines add amusement to Dose’s story,” he chuckles. But it’s still the progressing and provocative closer for comfort relationship between two people that will mark in moviegoers’ hearts. Ushering us all to its catchphrase that declares “Love knows no age or gender.”

Dose is produced and owned by Cinema One and Creative Programs, Inc. (CPI). The 2008 Cinema One Originals Digital Film Festival kicks off with a Campus Screening Tour from November 19 to 27. The Awards Night is on November 28 at the Dolphy Theater of the ABS-CBN. Its Theatrical Screening will be from December 3 to 10 at the IndieSine of the Robinson’s Galleria.

Yul Servo - Danny, the Gardener
Fritz Chavez - Edy, a 12-year old unloved child
Emilio Garcia - Edy, a 40-year old filmmaker
Irma Adlawan - Helen, 38-year old aunt who takes care of Edy
Ray Ann Dulay - Bobby, Edy’s current boyfriend
Arlene Tolibas - Pilay, the loyal maid
Special Participation:
Alessandra de Rossi - The Teacher

Director - Senedy H. Que
Executive Producer - Ronald Arguelles
Story & Screenplay - Senedy H. Que
Arman Reyes - Assistant Director
Butch Maddul - Director of Photography
Maxie Evangelista - Line Producer
Rolly Palmes - Production Manager
Gerry Santos - Production Design
Orlean Tan - Editor
Iluminada ‘Lumeng’ Medrano - Art Director
Tonee Asejo & Robin Palmes - Production Assistants
Raymond Lee & Adolf Alix, Jr. - Creative Consultant

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