It's Raining men with UAAP and NCAA baskteball palyers on Chalk Magazine's July Issue

Sunday, June 28, 2009

It’s that time of the year when athletes battle it out for school pride and school spirit reigns supreme—celebrate the start of the new UAAP and NCAA season with Chalk’s July issue!

Leading the pack of the new generation of basketball superstars are cover boys Joshua Webb of DLSU, Nico Salva of ADMU, Nathaniel Matute of JRU, and Anjo Caram of San Beda. Chalk gets up close and personal with in-depth profiles of UP’s Mike Gamboa, UE’s Raffy Reyes, Letran’s Kevin Alas, San Sebastian’s Raymond Maconocido, and more. The Hardball team of Jinno Rufino, Boyet Sison, and Bill Velasco weigh in on each school’s chances for the season. Plus, courtside reporters Sharon Yu, Alexis Go, Pia Boren, Tracy Abad, and others show you how you can look pretty at the games!

It’s all in Chalk’s July issue, in newsstands now.

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GMA 7's Jackie Rice is Maxim Philippines July Covergirl

Thursday, June 25, 2009

July 2009 marks the spectacular third anniversary of MAXIM Philippines and, in this special issue, we give readers what they’ve long been clamouring for: the sexy sweetheart Jackie Rice on the cover!

It’s been four years since the public first took notice of Jackie Rice when she emerged as the ultimate female survivor in the talent show Starstruck, and, this year, the 19-year old hits her stride. Already busy with her second soap of 2009 Kung Aagawin Mo Ang Lahat Sa Akin, Jackie is marking her transition from ingĂ©nue to serious star with this stunning pictorial. It’s well worth the wait.

The July 2009 issue also pays tribute to one of MAXIM’s favourite topics: SEX. The magazine is cocked and loaded with many fascinating features that delve into the various aspects of the theme. The illicit and underground world of Personal Service Providers is explored and brought to light, as are the secret techniques and strategies employed by Pick Up Artists. Native Angeles resident and stand-up funnyman Tim Tayag takes readers on a pictorial trip to his city’s infamous red-light district Fields Avenue.

Erotic film buffs rejoice. This issue takes a closer look at some classics in the genre, from actual sex in mainstream movies to Elwood Perez’ controversial 1985 film Silip starring Sarsi Emanuelle and Maria Isabel Lopez. Actor Dick Israel, the iconic rapist kontrabida in many a Pinoy film, is this month’s MAXIM ICON.

What would MAXIM be without its girls? This month features Kaylani Lei, the half-Filipina sexpot who’s made it big in international porno, Fil-Chinese looker Melissa Chua, Katrina Hermosilla and the Russian pole dancers of Club Divino.

MAXIM July also takes you on an environmentally responsible ride with the newly launched 2010 Toyota Prius, puts you in the ring with the new UFC champ Lyoto Machida, and shows you what to wear when you want to look like Will Devaughn.

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Philips GoGear lets you enjoy your music on the move

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Philips brings top notch sound quality and stylish, intuitive, ultra-mobile design with its new suite of Go Gear portable media players, designed to fit the specifications of the most discerning music fans.

Each device in the new Go Gear collection offer users complete multimedia playback functionality. The new Full Sound technology restores sonic details lost in compressed music formats, allowing listeners to fully experience the music they love.

Go Gear LUXE
MP3 player with Bluetooth headset
Clip and click to always stay tuned and connected. The chic Philips GoGear LUXE MP3 player fastens like an accessory so you can wear your music. Switch from music to calls on your Bluetooth mobile phone and view caller ID - at a touch.

GoGear Aria
With FullSoundTM and premium headphones
Enjoy an unrivalled sound experience with Philips GoGear Aria AV player featuring FullSoundTM. A real joy to use, you can download online videos to the player and easily navigate content on its 2” full color display

GoGear Muse
With FullSound2TM and noise cancellation headphones
Philips GoGear Muse portable AV player features FullSound2TM technology and noise cancellation headphones for exceptional sound and inspired music enjoyment on the go. Plus, viewing videos is a joy on its 3” wide-QVGA color display.

GoGear Opus
With FullSoundTM and premium headphones
Enjoyed unrivalled sound on the Philips GoGear Opus portable AV player featuring FullSound TM. Prepare to be entertained on the go – download online videos and then view them on the cool 2.8” QVGA color screen.

GoGear Vibe
Small size, big entertainment
Philips GoGear VIBE portable AV player packs big entertainment in a superbly small design. Its 1.44” full color display shows off album art and folder view ensures easy file navigation and organization.

GoGear Spark
With FullSound TM to bring music to life
Philips GoGear Spark MP3 player makes it hip to be square, Album art makes the player glow while your songs are empowered by Philips patented FullSound TM technology. Show off your player with your photos as the screensaver.

GoGear RaGa
With robust aluminum finish
The sleek Philips GoGear RaGa MP3 player sports a sturdy aluminum design, making it highly wearable and durable. Enjoy up to 27-hour playback of your favorite MP3 and WMA music, and tune in to FM radio for more music options.

GoGear Mix
Full color display for easy navigation
With handy built-in clip
Clip on your music and go! The Philips GoGear Mix MP# player lets you transfer files speedily with push-out USB – no cables required. Enjoy easy navigation on its full color display and 25-hour music playback with its embedded battery

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Let Your Ears Decide: The Philips GoGear MP3 Player is a tough choice to beat

You can tell when people are really into music by the way they listen. You’ve probably seen them on the train, in the park, or seated in coffee houses—people who’ve been transported, oblivious to the world around them save for the sounds only they can hear. They sit with their eyes closed, headphones to their ears, their heads nodding in a steady rhythm, lips softly mouthing the lyrics to the songs playing on their music players. In those moments, there’s only you, your music player, and a song.

The new line of GoGear media players are made for those kinds of moments. If you are any kind of music fan, you will know the importance of having a portable MP3 player to keep you company as you move through the day. And if you do have one, the question remains— ‘does the quality of your favorite music go with you, or is the full sound experience left at home?’
Letting your ears decide

Other MP3 players were created with a promise of superior sound quality in the palm of your hands. That’s great and all, but how many of them actually go beyond these proclamations and back it up with something that not only lives up to expectations, but exceeds it further than you can imagine?

The Philips Go Gear with FullSound was created with exactly that in mind. It’s not so much as making promises but actually delivering on it. That’s precisely what the Philips GoGear does. It delivers.

Its sleek and stylish interface makes it a fashion accessory in itself. But most importantly, it’s got all the features you’ll ever want from a portable MP3 player. The GoGear offers an intuitive user interface for fast and easy navigation, which you can also customize. As you discover new favorites and get bored of old ones, you can easily browse your music library and still control your music playback, thereby making every listening moment a new experience.
What’s more, the new GoGear combines Philips' renowned expertise in music reproduction with the power of new generation technology. The new FullSound technology restores the sonic details that

music compression loses. It enriches the music signal, so what you hear is the full sound— with every nuance of emotion and every detail of musical genius put back where it belongs.
If you’re still clamoring for more, then here’s an extra treat. The Philips GoGear MP3 Player also comes with its own specialized earphones, specifically made to complement the experience of the FullSound technology. These earphones are tailor-made to follow the curvature of the human ear and it’s ergonomically suited to drown out every sound that isn’t coming from the MP3 player.

The best part of having a Philips GoGear MP3 Player is the freedom it gives you. Whether you’re in a coffeeshop or backpacking across Western Europe, the only form of company you’ll ever need is the Philips GoGear MP3 Player.

In this day and age of technological one-upmanship, there have been a lot of MP3 players that have promised the world to its consumers but have failed to deliver. For Philips, promising is out of the question. As a matter of fact, it sticks by the motto of ‘letting your ears decide’.
And once you do let your ears decide, you’ll surely become that guy in the coffee shop lost in the GoGear experience, and the rest of the world will become the guy at the other table wishing they had one for themselves.

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Get On the Road with Gwyneth Paltrow and the Asian Food Channel!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Exclusive Asian Television Premiere of Star Studded Food and Travel Series Only on AFC

Manila - What happens when a dream team of four gets together for a road trip across Spain? The results are nothing short of spectacular when it’s Hollywood star Gwyneth Paltrow, acclaimed chef Mario Batali, New York Times food columnist Mark Bittman and Spanish actress Claudia Bassols driving across the country. ‘Spain… On the Road Again’, a visually stunning 13-part food and travel series is a rollicking ride as the foursome eat, drink and cook through 30 Spanish cities. This brand new television series airs for the first time in Asia, exclusively on the Asian Food Channel (AFC) every Tuesday at 9 PM.

Said Maria Brown, Managing Director, Acquisitions & Programming, AFC: ‘We have been monitoring this series since it was an idea on paper and we are extremely proud to have secured ‘Spain…On the Road Again’ exclusively for Asia. With a winning formula of celebrity chefs and internationally acclaimed food writers set against the stunning backdrop of Spain, we knew it would be a visual feast for AFC viewers.’
From Andalucia to Zaragoza, the exploits of the star-studded cast will thrill armchair travelers and avid foodies alike. The food-and-wine obsessed men are on a constant lookout for their next great meal and often cede to the foodie women’s agenda to indulge in Spain’s other cultural pleasures from its museums, shopping and music to its spas and nightlife. What ensues is an unscripted culinary adventure complete with all the playful dynamics of male-female compatibility.

The cast of characters at the table each has a personal connection to the country. Pals Paltrow and Batali had spent part of their younger years in Spain, where they both fell in love with the place and learned, in Batali’s words, ‘how to eat and drink’ there. Bittman, who also stars in another show on AFC, ‘Best Recipes in the World’, draws on his gastronomic expertise and his previous excursions to Spain to enrich everyone’s ‘foodie’ knowledge. And, Spanish native Claudia Bassols rounds up the team and does her best to keep the three Americans in check throughout the trip through her homeland.

Cameo appearances by celebrated architect of the Guggenheim Bilbao, Frank Gehry and lead vocalist of rock band, R.E.M, Michael Stipe spice up the group’s exploration of the history, architecture and culture of Spain. To top it off, the series’ theme song is a catchy version of multi Grammy-winning singer-songwriter Willie Nelson’s trademark, ‘On the Road Again’.

‘Spain… On the Road Again’, a truly star studded extravaganza, airs every Tuesday at 9 PM on the Asian Food Channel, Skycable Channel 58.
About Asian Food Channel

The Asian Food Channel (AFC) is the region’s only 24-hour food channel dedicated to airing the best food and lifestyle programming from around the region and around the world. Based in Singapore, AFC’s wide Asian distribution footprint covers seven territories and 15 million viewers, on basic tiers of all the major pay TV platforms across Southeast Asia.

The channel leads the ratings in its territories, regularly achieving the #1 lifestyle channel in terms of popularity and loyalty. It has achieved a broad following from young teenage food lovers and empty nesters to trendy urban females and aspiring male chefs. Its online presence supports the channel with program information, recipes, content and an e-commerce store. As such AFC regularly executes 360 degree advertising and marketing campaigns and solutions for leading FMCG, Financial and Travel brands.
AFC broadcasts on:

•Starhub Channel 69 (Singapore)
•Astro Channel 703 (Malaysia)
•First Media Digital 1 Channel 76 (Indonesia)
•Prime Indovision Channel 22 (Indonesia)
•now TV Channel 527 (Hong Kong)
•Skycable Channel 58 (Philippines)

Please visit for more information.

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Kaya Restaurant’s 'Talangkanin': More than a sumptuous meal!

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Wondering how the secret recipe of Jillian (Angel Locsin) of ‘Only You’, “Aligue Bibimbap” otherwise known as “Talangkanin”, tastes? Wonder no more for Kaya Restaurant offers the Talangkanin Meal in the following branches to let the people experience its blissful flavor: Jupiter, The Podium, Rockwell Powerplant, Glorietta VI, Paseo Center, Robinsons Place and SM Megamall.

The Talangkanin meal is based on the signature dish developed for the remake of the koreanovela ‘Only You’, the Aligue Bibimbap (Bibimbap meaning “mixed rice”). With meal price of Php 210.00 for Kaya’s fast food branches and Php 310.00 for their fine dining branches, you get to savor the delectable taste of the famous Talangkanin meal.

Run to the nearest Kaya Restaurant and order Jillian’s secret recipe, Talangkanin, and satisfy your craving palates and growling tummies with its unique flavor.

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Now Everything Can be Found in ONE Box

No need to visit different sites to get everything: all one needs to do is register and be part of the Sandbox ( website.

With the launch of Sandbox, the latest web platform that unites social networking, online media content sharing and downloading, as well as web services, the future of digital connection for Filipinos comes with a new breakthrough interactive experience.

The event, recently held at Bureau marks the unveiling of a technology that seamlessly fuses your digital lifestyle online and on the go. With Sandbox, one can easily access anything at the touch of a fingertip, as all information from the website is readily shared between PCs and mobile phones.

By fusing social networking, mail, content uploading, and music and video downloading, you will never have to undergo the hassle of juggling through different websites for a complete digital experience. Here, you can create a profile, update your status for the world to see, upload and check on friends’ photos and videos, as well as write blogs, join forums, send and receive e-mail, and download music, games, and various content.

To mirror the digital harmony offered by Sandbox, the event celebrated the fusion of it’s different elements—downloading, gaming, watching, sharing and shopping. Unlike other content download sites, Sandbox offers an easier and faster way to get information online. You don’t even need credit cards to download: since content is delivered straight to your mobile, the cost for any requested music, game, and video is automatically charged to your prepaid load or billed above your postpaid plan. Downloading and installing is trouble-free: by filling up the purchase details on the pop-up window in the site. After clicking the download link sent to one’s mobile, the requested music, game, or movie wallpaper is installed to one’s phone in a matter of seconds.

Taking shopping to a whole new level is Digisoria, Sandbox’s unique online retail portal. Here, shoppers and sellers will discover a more streamlined way to connect to each other, as Digisoria categorizes online merchants to make searching for specific products that buyers want faster. Entrepreneurial spirits will find this a great opportunity to bring their products to their target market, as shoppers will likewise find it as a cost-efficient and hassle-free way to find the things they want on the web.

With all of these features, this newest online portal keeps Filipinos easily connected to everything and everyone, whenever and wherever. Without doubt, the best way to be linked has arrived.

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DAIANA MENEZES is Maxim June issue cover girl

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

After Geneva Cruz, its Daiana Menezes turns to reveal some skins in Maxim Philippines June issue, but what's unique with this issue is that aside for Daiana Meneses the issue pays tribute to all comedians we all love to laugh with. Maxim Philippines June issue is already out on the market grab one now!

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