Philips GoGear lets you enjoy your music on the move

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Philips brings top notch sound quality and stylish, intuitive, ultra-mobile design with its new suite of Go Gear portable media players, designed to fit the specifications of the most discerning music fans.

Each device in the new Go Gear collection offer users complete multimedia playback functionality. The new Full Sound technology restores sonic details lost in compressed music formats, allowing listeners to fully experience the music they love.

Go Gear LUXE
MP3 player with Bluetooth headset
Clip and click to always stay tuned and connected. The chic Philips GoGear LUXE MP3 player fastens like an accessory so you can wear your music. Switch from music to calls on your Bluetooth mobile phone and view caller ID - at a touch.

GoGear Aria
With FullSoundTM and premium headphones
Enjoy an unrivalled sound experience with Philips GoGear Aria AV player featuring FullSoundTM. A real joy to use, you can download online videos to the player and easily navigate content on its 2” full color display

GoGear Muse
With FullSound2TM and noise cancellation headphones
Philips GoGear Muse portable AV player features FullSound2TM technology and noise cancellation headphones for exceptional sound and inspired music enjoyment on the go. Plus, viewing videos is a joy on its 3” wide-QVGA color display.

GoGear Opus
With FullSoundTM and premium headphones
Enjoyed unrivalled sound on the Philips GoGear Opus portable AV player featuring FullSound TM. Prepare to be entertained on the go – download online videos and then view them on the cool 2.8” QVGA color screen.

GoGear Vibe
Small size, big entertainment
Philips GoGear VIBE portable AV player packs big entertainment in a superbly small design. Its 1.44” full color display shows off album art and folder view ensures easy file navigation and organization.

GoGear Spark
With FullSound TM to bring music to life
Philips GoGear Spark MP3 player makes it hip to be square, Album art makes the player glow while your songs are empowered by Philips patented FullSound TM technology. Show off your player with your photos as the screensaver.

GoGear RaGa
With robust aluminum finish
The sleek Philips GoGear RaGa MP3 player sports a sturdy aluminum design, making it highly wearable and durable. Enjoy up to 27-hour playback of your favorite MP3 and WMA music, and tune in to FM radio for more music options.

GoGear Mix
Full color display for easy navigation
With handy built-in clip
Clip on your music and go! The Philips GoGear Mix MP# player lets you transfer files speedily with push-out USB – no cables required. Enjoy easy navigation on its full color display and 25-hour music playback with its embedded battery

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