Cinema One Originals 2008 - Motorcycle

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Because Cinema One is now the venue for a new generation of filmmakers and writers and their diversity to be known, the 4rth Annual Cinema One Originals will make moviegoers waste no time to see MotorCycle at the Indie Sine of the Robinson’s Galleria this December!

Directed by Jon Red in a unique story and screenplay by real life rider and motoring columnist mainly for Motorcycle magazine Karlo de Guzman, this digital film where past and present images run like fast vignettes and montages is where life is shaped and that viewers will eventually trace. It stars an ensemble cast headed by Jason Abalos, Nonie Buencamino, Kat Alano, Shamaine Centenera, Lovely Rivero, Hazel Mendoza, Jao Mapa, Soliman Cruz, Jojit Lorenzo, Lance Raymundo, Fidel Go, Geraldine Tan and Jose Buencamino.

Motorcycle is a tale of self-discovery when secrets are revealed. This drama centers around a young man who takes on a journey to Vigan, Ilocos Norte. Instead his important travel becomes a sojourn that will unlock his real identity and reveal secrets of his family. The road trip is a favor instructed by his father to commence after his death. As the journey pushes forward, the son’s past runs in reverse. When he gets to his destination, he recalls a childhood memory that has always eluded him. It is also there where he meets someone who he never suspected has a connection with his existence. Realistic yet carrying a documentary feel, Motorcycle becomes an independent film that’s likewise a collaborative art.

MotorCycle’s associate producer and writer Karlo de Guzman is not actually new to the movies. He has co-produced and collaborated on the screenplay of the mystery-drama Astigmatism (2004) starring Robin Padilla and Albert Martinez and Utang Ni Tatang (2002), starring Joel Torre, Jeffrey Quizon and Ronnie Lazaro, both directed by Jon Red. MotorCycle is his first Cinema One Originals movie. Revealing that Motorcycle is a ‘baby’ of a movie the smiley-faced attractive writer-producer attests “this movie is very close to my heart because its got so much poetry and irony. The story moves forward while the rider races backwards, slowly knowing himself. The new people he meets have old connection to his family.”

Motorcycle is one of the seven (7) finalists in the 4rth Cinema One Originals Digital Film Festival owned by Creative Programs, Inc. (CPI) thru the Cinema One Originals Annual movie project. Its Campus Tour starts November 19 to 27 and the Awards Night on November 28 at the Dolphy Theater of the ABS-CBN. Theatrical Screening of the 7 films is on December 3 to 10 at the IndieSine of the Robinson’s Galleria.

Katherine Solis, Corporate Communications
415-2272 loc. 4607,
Wilbur, Cinema One loc. 3172,


Jason Abalos - The Rider
Nonie Buencamino - The Father
Kat Alano - Cherry
Shamaine Centenera - Solana
Lovely Rivero - Malou
Hazel Mendoza - The Sister
Jao Mapa - Romus
Soliman Cruz - Uncle Robot
Jojit Lorenzo - Ian
Lance Raymundo - Rene
Fidel Go - Kap
Geraldine Tan - The Mother
Jose Buencamino - The Young Rider

Jon Red - Director
Executive Producer - Ronald Arguelles
Karlo de Guzman - Story & Screenplay Writer and Associate Producer
Marinet Lusanta - Assistant Director
EJ Salcedo &
Carol Bunuan Red - Line Producer
Ogi Sugatan - Director of Photography
Mikey Red - Production Designer
Ria de Guzman - Editor
Catherine Rada - Associate Editor
Ching Reyes - Production Manager
Vincent San Antonio - 2nd Cameraman
Timmy Harn - Art Director
Bong Rosario - Musical Score
Traumaligno - Bond; providing the movie’s soundtrack
Allan Hilado - Soundman
Anne Magadia - Make-up
Kathy Rada - Production Assistant and Co-Editor

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