Cinema One Originals 2008 - Kolorete

Thursday, November 20, 2008

In the coming Cinema One Originals Digital Film Festival this November, one finalist shines because of its reflection of past and modern society and the inner aim its colourful characters tells so much, Kolorete!

Directed by Ruello Lozendo (one of the 3 directors of Cinema One Originals 2006 finalist Pandanggo) in a screenplay by Sherad Anthony Sanchez, Kolorete is a period melodrama that features an ensemble cast of ‘natural’ and mostly theater actors like Roeder Camañag, Jean Judith Javier, Angeli Agbayani, Chiqui Xerex Bugos, Edgar Sandalo, Coreen Chan, Frank Garcia, Perry Dizon, Lawrence Roxas and Melody Amor. Featuring a very believable production shot in Biak-Na-Bato, San Miguel, Bulacan and design enhanced by a treatment the director describes as ‘camera as silent rebel,’ Kolorete becomes a web of colourful characters whose each inner or selfish interest can lead either somewhere or nowhere.

In a town where friars and landlords ruled laymen and peasants, trust and sincerity is hardly present in any deals and encounters between their divided existence and lives. So when the town prepares for a stage play to serve as despedida for the Alcalde Mayor or Gobernadorcillo who was dismissed by the town’s friar, suspicions heat up. Adding to the mounting controversy is the timely visit of a Hong Kong based Filipina soprano who is suspected to be an entourage of the incoming Alcalde Mayor. Secrets are inevitably unraveled. Secrets that can change the course of their history. When the afternoon play is finally staged, just about everyone is taken aback about the entire affair is a grand act of farewell.

Writer Sanchez affirms that Kolorete “is a reflection of real life even if it’s a period film because the characters have something to hide eh. All are revealed one by one in the end. That’s why there’s surprise.” This reflects the universal appeal the movie has. Coming from the success of his 2006 Originals Huling Balyan ng Buhi and this year’s intriguing contender Imburnal, Kolorete lets everyone see themselves and “make practically all of us, from politicians to showbiz people, from businessmen to consumers even down to the everyday people relate to Kolorete,” says Sanchez. However the movie has serious messages director Lozendo stresses that “Klorete is a commentary on today’s Philippine society but closely related to past Philippine Society. But there’s satire that’s why the story is light. Not boring to watch.”

Do not miss Kolorete in the 4rth Cinema One Originals Digital Film Festival from November 19 to 27 for its Campus Tour that kicks off the festival. The Awards Nights is on November 28 at the Dolphy Theater of the ABS-CBN and the Theatrical Screening from December 3 to 10 at the IndieSine of the Robinsons Galleria. This independent movie is owned and produced by Cinema One and Creative Programs, Inc. (CPI) thru its annual Cinema One Originals movie project.

Katherine Solis, Corporate Communications
415-2272 loc. 4607,
Wilbur, Cinema One loc. 3172,

Roeder Camañag - Luciano
Jean Judith Javier - Asuncion
Angeli Bayani - Magdalena
Chiqui Xeres Burgos - Don Andres
Edgar Sandalo - Prayle Antarez
Coreen Chan - Isabel
Frank Garcia - Alejandro
Perry Dizon - Elias
Lawrence Roxas - Isagani

Ruello Lozendo - Director
Executive Producer - Ronald Arguelles
Sherad Anthony Sanchez - Screenplay
Lai Crisostomo - Production Manager
Poi Beltran - Assistant Director
Zyan Caiña - Assistant Director
Albert Banzon - Director of Photography
Wilfredo Calderon - Production Designer
Clang Sison - Editor
Earl Drilon - Sound Engineer
Diwa de Leon - Musical Composer & Musical Director
Jet Amorsolo - Sound Recordist
Maisa Demetillo - Art Director
Kat Compuesto - Costume Designer
Kristine Kintana - Production Coordinator
Niño Valencia - Production Assistant

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