Cinema One Originals 2008 - UPCAT

Thursday, November 20, 2008

U.P.C.A.T. is an acronym that instantly means the State University entrance exam for college. This time the acronym becomes a word, specifically a movie title. What’s more, UPCAT will not be about test papers but real people and real lives we will meet in the 2008 Cinema One Originals Digital Film Festival!

Directed by Roman Olivares in a screenplay by Inna Miren Salazar and Alfred Geoffrey Reyes, UPCAT stars Felix Roco, Joseph Roble, Yas Neri, Malou Crisologo and award-winning actors Bembol Roco and Mark Gil.

Carrying the catchline that proclaims “Ito ang Kuwento ng Sukatan, Pasikatan at Shaded Circles. Ito ang Kuwentong UPCAT ni Lucas,” UPCAT is a coming-of-age light melodrama that centers around Lucas (Felix Roco), who along with his best buddy Joaquin (Roble), are provincial lads who very much believe passing the UPCAT (University of the Philippines College Admission Test) is the passport to their dreams of a better future. While Joaquin’s goal is to get instantly a well-paying job in the city and bring his OFW parents back home, Lucas on the other hand wants nothing more than to win the heart of his rich schoolmate Jane, simultaneously using the UPCAT education as his front to win Jane’s family who are all U.P. grads. While both young men seek help in reviewing and prepare for the exam from Michael, a fine arts U.P. grad with a dark secret, little do they know their goals will bring them to new roads of their lives. Eventually discovering new things bout themselves they never thought they have or can do. Brimming with jargons and situations of the student body and academe, UPCAT’s rich characters become real people whose different backgrounds and stories shape the life in the country’s State University.

Modestly confident of his skills in directing his first major movie, Roman Carlo Olivares has already directed the first Philippine reality TV show Single that ran for seven successful seasons. He also helmed MTV Homecoming, MTV Get Hitched of MTV Philippines, It’s A Guy Thing and Rush TV on Studio 23. Greatly adept in camera angles and shots plus constantly in the know about events and media works, Olivarez is currently the Creative Head of independent production company named Moomoo, Incorporated which does TV shows, PR and Events. In her first movie screenplay De La Salle grad and full-time Ad Agency Copywriter Inna Salazar sets in her UPCAT script what will make the movie catchy for viewers beyond the student world. “I want the dialogues simple but relatable since these are characters whom we also happen to be when we were students,” she stresses. What everybody will see in UPCAT then are real people with real dreams.

UPCAT is a finalist in the 4rth Annual Cinema One Originals Digital Film Festival. The Campus Tour will kick off the Filmfest from November 19 to 27, culminating to the Awards Night on November 28 at the Dolphy Theater of the ABS-CBN. All 7 films will have their Theatrical Screening from December 3 to 10 at the IndieSine of the Robinson’s Galleria. UPCAT is produced and owned by Creative Programs, Inc. (CPI) thru its annual Cinema One Originals movie project.

Felix Roco - Lucas
Joseph Roble - Joaquin
Yas Neri - Jane
Bembol Roco - Mang Avelino
Malou Crisologo - Aling Baby
Mark Gil - Mr. Concepcion

Roman Olivares - Director
Executive Producer - Ronald Arguelles
Melvin Brito - Assistant Director
Inna Miren Salazar &
Alfred Geoffrey Reyes - Screenplay
Producer - Joselle Acuna
Pao Pangan - Director of Photography
Mike Beltran - Production Design
Yong Garcia & Jeng Encabo - Production Managers
Roman Olivares & Melvin Brito - Editors
Brian Sta. Ana - Musical Scorer
Rico Salvan - Graphic Artist
Marc & Ino - Stills and BTS

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