Iisa Pa Lamang is a surely 100% addictive tv drama of ABS-CBN

Saturday, November 1, 2008

ABS-CBN's Iisa Pa Lamang in its final week proves that the show can be that much addictive for viewers from the speaking lines of the cast through the tupsy turvy loops and twist of the story. Who can ever forget the "Diamonds are forever" line of Catherine played by Claudine Barretto where she is wearing her diamonds while in a two piece bikini pissing her step daughter Sacrlet played by Angelica Panganiban. Who can ever forget the she-devil Isadora played by Cherie Pie Picache who made everyone's life misarable and gains lots of haters from the show's viewer. She actually serves her role well like what she did in Poster Child where she won Best Actress in Urian.

There are two things that we should not miss on the finale week of Iisa Pa Lamang. First will Catherine get revenge from the she devil Isadora. Second who among Miguel (Diether Ocampo) and Rafael (Gabby Concepcion) will be Catherine's final choice to be her man. Well we have til Friday to find out like what my mother is doing I keep on posted on the finale week who knows it will be a big shocker to its viewers and tv addicts like me.