Twitter, Plurk and Yammer: The Micro-Blogging War!

Sunday, November 2, 2008

What's good with social networking now is that aside from online diary or blogging is that you can post your ideas, mood and what you are exactly doing in a one liner message and broadcast it to your social network friends.

Before the's yahoo messenger, msn messenger, gtalk, meebo, skype and chat sites, now comes twitter, plurk and yammer where you can send one liner message to a collective of users (like chatting) to your choice of network (like instant messeging).

Twitter - it started last March 2006 , twitter became a fad for others who wanter to share what they are doing on that time, in a span of few months twitter taps several platforms aside from its main site. Twitter became the vehicle of side feed promotion with the help of twitterfeed system that generate data from the rss feed that the owner chooses to include on his twitter features. Twitter introduces several desktop application such as Spaz, Twirl, and others that acts as desktop application and automatically refreshes. For those who have active lifestyle and always on the go yet they wanted to update their twitter followers, several mobile applications where included to tap this market. Twitter also includes web applications such as blog embeds and Facebook applications. But one thing that there is cons from twitter aside from its downtime errors is that people tends to flood on the message box everytime they post messages and reply to other members, the message box clogs with messages.

Plurk - like twitter, plurk is a micro blogging platform that has an horizontal timeline, where twitter has it vertically. But with plurk your main goal is to generate friends, fans and post as many messages as you can for karma (level) points which allows you to access new featuses such as new skins for your timeline, additional emoticons (including the dancing banana), change your name, badges like Plurk Nirvana (YingYang), Number of invites (Star), and Largest Number of Fans. Compare with twitter, plurk is more organize where friends can actually comment on your post without flooding your timeline box, and you can send private message in a bulk of people. Plurk includes blog embeds feature and mobile feature.

Plurk is also a multi-lingual website such as Indonesian, Polski, Spanish, Korean, Mandarin, Filipino, etc.

Yammer - It's a twitter like interface that automatically refreshes but when you register and log in you are pre-set on a group which is your company. It's like a twitter intended for company and letting the boss know what you are exactly doing, aside from posting from yammer. Yammer includes desktop, iPhone and Blueberry application. Yammer can be good in you intend to post things about your company like work/project updates to lessen use of emails and less walk to go to one people to another asking updates.