FOOD Magazine celebrates summer!

Saturday, May 16, 2009

FOOD celebrates this May with a special feature on the Fiesta. And, because it’s the time of year for taking it easy, FOOD helps you shift gears with the Summer Reading Special featuring our best-loved food books guaranteed to charm away the long, summer hours. This issue is chock-full of delectable, amusing and informative stories including a gastronomic journey to Ilocos Sur, an essay about premium ice cream, and a practical guide on easy outdoor entertaining, perfect for hot summer nights.

The blend of stories is reflected in the recipes. Traditional fiesta dishes like Arroz Valenciana, Bringhe, Morcon and Leche Flan will bring back memories of the heavily-laden tables of your childhood. Recreate wonderful Vigan specialties like Bagnet, Pipian and Dinengdeng. Or try your hand at light and refreshing recipes like Fettuccine with Gorgonzola Cheese, Fried Rice with Basil and Chicken and Alice’s Cookies adapted from the recipe of no other than the Alice Toklas who was the partner of writer Gertrude Stein. All these and more in the pages of the country’s largest selling culinary magazine.
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