Globe and modu bring the world’s lightest phone to the Philippines

Friday, October 2, 2009

Innovation leader Globe Telecom has sealed its partnership with modu Ltd., with the shared mission of introducing breakthrough mobile products to the Philippine market.

Much like Globe, modu is a pioneer in its field and is poised to locally launch its flagship product, the customizable and modular modu phone never before seen in the Philippines and soon to be available only from Globe through its exclusive local distributor Lynk Communications.

Globe Telecom President and CEO Ernest L. Cu welcomes the partnership as marketing coup, as well as a key strategic move. “At Globe, we are committed to always putting the customer first and doing everything in our power to delight the Globe user. Modu for its part has shown an astute understanding of what makes our customers tick; the modu™ phone, with its unique approach to personalization, is proof positive. We are confident this leading-edge partnership will bring new value to a market that continues to grow in sophistication and discerning tastes.”

The modu phone is recognized by the Guinness Book of World Records™ as the lightest fully-functional phone in the world, weighing in at only 1.5 oz., yet fully loaded with a music player, mass storage device and 2 GB internal memory. The Philippines will in fact be among the first countries to launch this novel phone. The big news behind the modu™ phone is its incredible potential for personalization through interchangeable modu™ jackets -- fashionable phone enclosures which can instantly change the look and style of the handset. Through the use of various trendy modu jacket designs, users can have a different phone every day of the week, with a single handset.

modu was founded in 2007 by Dov Moran, inventor of the USB Flash Drive (DiskonKey™) and other groundbreaking personal storage solutions. The company is headquartered in Israel with offices in Croatia and South Korea. The company’s vision is to bring a fundamental change to the dynamics of the personal communication world. Introducing the world’s lightest phone, in partnership with Globe, is a key step.

For Globe’s part, the company’s track record for innovation began over a decade ago with the launch of text messaging. Over the years, Globe has introduced a series of advanced services, such as the award-winning m-commerce solution GCash, the world’s first and only virtual landline and mobile service Duo, and the re-launched Globe Broadband Tattoo which is now the fastest-growing prepaid wireless broadband service in the Philippines.

Globe has also strengthened its broadband play by rolling out new connectivity solutions like the cutting-edge fiber-to-the-home technology GPON, and the country’s first WIMAX network which is also the largest WIMAX 2.5 GHz deployment in Southeast Asia.

Globe’s latest launch is the new Globe Tattoo, a re-branded and revitalized prepaid service providing the first-ever prepaid SIM that can be used to call, text and surf the internet. The converged experience from Globe Tattoo comes in an array of pop-art designer prepaid SIMs that can be used in both mobile phones and broadband USB sticks. The flagship offer of Globe Tattoo is ImmortalTxt, another pioneering effort which is the country’s first-ever SMS service with no expiry for its text offer.

The Globe-modu partnership bodes well for technophiles for whom the latest, hottest device is an absolute must-have. Gadget fans can look forward to exciting new offers from Globe and modu.

In photo, Globe Telecom President and CEO Ernest L. Cu and modu founder and CEO Dov Moran show off the world’s lightest phone, exclusively available from Globe.

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