Tokyo Tokyo Watta Tempura: Satisfying your larger than life tempura cravings!

Thursday, April 30, 2009

You have always wanted it big, but of course you know it would have been more satisfying, if it were—bigger.

It’s time to chew up those undersized meals that leave you unsatisfied. Ready your insatiable appetite for the perfect Japanese meal experience as Tokyo Tokyo prides itself in bringing enjoyment right at your tables with its BIGGER and crunchier WATTA TEMPURA!

Tokyo Tokyo, the leading Japanese fastfood chain in the country, marks another milestone in celebrating its 24th year in the industry.

Seizing your tastebuds with the best of tempura delight, Tokyo Tokyo now uses not only ¬black tiger prawns but also a (secretly) reformulated batter mix, making its Tempura bigger and crunchier! Watta Tempura talaga!

“Being the leading Japanese fastfood chain, it only makes sense for Tokyo Tokyo to own the tempura segment,” says Tokyo Tokyo’s Marketing Head Noel Carreon. He adds, “With this in mind, Tokyo Tokyo embarked on a massive program to ensure that the new Tempura will become a sure hit. Product development, investment in new equipment, systems, operations training, sourcing and in-store merchandising all became part of the mix to establish a strong foundation for the brand’s marketing campaign.”

Take a feast in every scrumptious bite of the BIGGER and crunchier WATTA Tempura in three enjoyable selections with MIXED SEAFOOD TEMPURA, PRAWN VEGGIE TEMPURA, ALL PRAWN TEMPURA, and TOKYO BENTO PRAWN and VEGGIE TEMPURA.

Watch the gigantic Watta Tempura craze as it unfolds its amusing and catchy television commercials on top TV networks and never miss the Watta Tempura fun as well aboard MRT trains! What a Watta Tempura craze indeed!

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