2009 Cinema One Originals: Bala-Bala 

Friday, November 6, 2009

Director: Melvin A. Brito. Writers: Arianne A. Viardo and Melvin A. Brito. Line Producer: Joselle Acuña. Creative Consultant: Sherad Anthony Sanchez. Assistant Directors: Alfred Reyes and Oscar Llave, Jr. Graphics and Special Effects Designer: Ishamar Mangaser. Production Designer: Joy Puntawe. Sound Design: Mark Laccay. Musical Scorer: Ado Ortiz, Jr. Cinematographer: Roman Carlo Olivarez. Technical Director: Manuel Abanto. Production Managers: Mac Pe Benito, Patricia Yadao. Editors: Melvin A. Brito, Pablo Garcia, Linberg Cabebe. Videographers: Edward Lee Gagarin, Niño Alejandrino, Florido Romero III. Make-up Artist: Sarah. Art Director: Carrie. Wardrobe: Malia Viardo. Sequence Manager: Farish Banalnal. Production Assistants: Enric Mabasa and Christian Diaz.
Cast: Micah Muñoz, Rold Salamat, Angel Jacob, Jao Mapa, Richard Quan, Tom Olivar, Glenda Resurreccion.


When Fredrick Aguila visits the epidemic-stricken area of Dagatan, San Jose, Batangas, his only mission is to identify the disease that is spreading throughout the barrio and killing all the livestock.

In the course of his investigation he not only uncovers the secrets of the barrio, but miraculously heals a young girl.

News of his healing power spreads, and the villagers demand that he cure their sick children as well. Fredrick discovers his true identity, and his mysterious connection with the events in Dagatan.

Director’s Statement

“This film is based on my childhood experience. I spent my vacations in Dagatan, where I discovered that fantasy and magic are not merely stories. There are many things in this world that we are vaguely aware of but do not believe. But I believe, and I want to share what I’ve seen.

“Bala-Bala is a film for the whole family. It’s told in a serious manner, but it will be easily understood by viewers ages 8 to 98. I think of it as an independent film with a mainstream feel.

“Audiences who are open to exploring the realities beyond urban life will appreciate this film.”

About the Director

Melvin Brito has worked as an editor and director of videos and television shows. At present he is a writer and segment producer on a popular noontime variety show. Melvin majored in mass communications at Far Eastern University. Bala-Bala is his first feature film.

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