2009 Cinema One Originals: Si Baning, Si Maymay at ang Asong si Bobo

Friday, November 6, 2009

Director, Writer, Editor, and Production Designer: Milo Tolentino. Line Producer: Rica Arevalo. Associate Line Producer: Lorenzo “Toti” Reyes. Production Manager: Kat Pasigan. Cinematographer: Hermann Claravall. Sound Design: Mark Laccay. Musical Score: Diwa De Leon. Animator: Christian Fadera. Script Consultant: Doy Del Mundo. Assistant Director: Carlos Quismundo.
Cast: Karley Largueza, Jhoana Jean Evangelista, Angela the dog, Rio Locsin, Simon Ibarra, Geraldine Tan, Gloria Austria, Jan Harley Hicana Rebanal.


In a quaint seaside village, 6-year-old Baning yearns to learn her ABCs. While the other kids attend the local public school, she has to wait by the roadside for school to end so she can play school with Maymay.

Maymay, aged 9, is distracted by her mother’s flirtation with a local lad. She misses her father who’s working abroad, and she has a crush on an older boy who seems oblivious of her. In contrast Baning seems unaffected by her family’s poverty and the fact that her slow, delinquent brother gets to attend school while she helps her mother with the laundry. What really bothers her is the way Maymay’s personal dramas affect her makeshift education. Then there’s the matter of Bobo the dog, the drunk next door, and the dreadful box hidden in the shed.

Director’s Statement

“I want to make a film brimming with sunshine and heart, one that celebrates the playful and generous spirit of the Filipino child while paying tribute to the colorful, crude, but proud rural Filipino family.”

About the Director

Rommel Tolentino a.k.a. Milo is a visual artist who does fine art and commercial photography, graphic design, and films. He has received three Cinemalaya awards for his short films Orasyon, Andong, and Blogog. Milo is the first Filipino filmmaker to win the Clermont Ferrand International Short Film Competition (2009), and the Sonje Award in the Pusan International Film Festival (2008). His awards include the 2009 Gawad Urian for Short Film, the 2008 United Nations Millennium Development Goals Award, and the 2009 Bamboo Camera Award given by indie film pioneer Kidlat Tahimik.

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