Disney Channel Scavenger Sweepstakes begins tonight

Monday, July 13, 2009

The scavenger hunt sweepstakes begins tonight Disney fans. Starting tonight from June 12 to July 16 Thursday you can win 3 wizard wands, a Hannah Montana ankle bracelet and an S.S. Tipton life preserver by watching Disney Channel from 8-9pm for the sneak peaks of the Wizards on Deck with Hannah Montana as the show premieres on Friday July 17.

After watching the sneak peak you should log on to Disneychannel.com/scavengersweepstakes to answer the questions. You should have all six things on the list so you can be qualified to join the sweepstakes. The contest is open to kids ages 6- 16.

Here are the things to be posted on the Disney Channel Scavenger Sweepstakes. Sunday (orange life vest), Monday (comb), Tuesday (lip gloss), Wednesday (blood pressure cuff), Thursday(vial of blue dye), and on Friday (bunch of roses)

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