Mindanao youth, off to a journey for peace on “The Correspondents”

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Young Filipinos caught in the middle of warfare in Mindanao recently traveled halfway across the world in search of ways to regain harmony in their native soil. See their momentous journey for peace from Manila to the United States and back with Abner Mercado this Tuesday (July 21) on “The Correspondents.”

High school student Lorevera Abellar had a traumatic experience when her family’s house was bombarded in war-torn Shariff Kabunsuan. Luckily, no one from her family was hurt.

Lorevera is one of 20 young Christians, Indigenous, and Muslims from Mindanao who were brought by the Philippine Youth Program to the U.S. to discover the ways to end the turmoil in their homeland.

Now that they’re back, the challenge for them is to impart the knowledge and experience that they gained abroad in their mission to finally bring peace to Mindanao.

Visit http://thecorrespondents.multiply.com to know more about the issues tackled in the program. See Abner Mercado as he chronicles the Mindanao youth's quest for peace this Tuesday (July 21) on “The Correspondents” right after “Bandila” on ABS-CBN.

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