Get Rid of the Grumpy Kid

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

In a perfect world, all kids are happy and smiling like nothing could ever go wrong in their little Wonderland.

In reality, however, young children are easily susceptible to all kinds of discomforts such as allergies. Allergy experts in the Philippines relate that there have been an increasing number of allergy-related diseases over the years. Children in particular are the most sensitive to allergens, causing most of them to turn irritable and grumpy. And surprisingly, many common allergens are found in the home.

“Children are regularly exposed to items that we don’t know can be allergenic, such as nickel which is found in buttons and jewelry; fiberglass toys; and even common household products like shampoos and detergents,” says Catherine Apodaca, Product Manager for Del Hypoallergenic Fabric Softener.

Apodaca furthers that as such, parents should make sure that the household products they use pose no danger to their kids. Harsh chemicals are the main causes for most kids to have skin reactions such as itching, rashes and hives. Because of this growing concern, Del Fabric Softener leads the drive in propagating this fact among parents and concerned individuals with the Allergy Awareness Program. This consciousness campaign aims to make known that skin allergy is a serious problem among children that needs to be addressed.

Being the first and only hypoallergenic fabric softener variant in the country, Del Fabric Softener propagates its message through an amusing story that zeroes in on the discomfort that children may suffer from skin allergies. The book, entitled Itchy the Grump, is a tale about a kid named Itchy who is always unpleasant and grumpy because of the allergies he has been suffering from. It takes a humorous twist when Itchy suddenly breaks into dance as he furiously tries to scratch hard to reach parts.

Itchy the Grump also underscores the impact that skin allergies may have on children, such as difficulty focusing in school, inability to sleep, and social embarrassment. More importantly, it emphasizes prevention as the most effective way to avoid skin allergies, through the use of hypoallergenic products, such as Del Hypoallergenic Fabric Softener.

“Del inspires parents to be more proactive especially when it comes to skin allergies that may affect their children. That is why it is important to be constantly vigilant in identifying whether the products one uses actually pose a threat to one’s health, and conceive proper action steps to address it. [We invite you to log on to to view the Itchy Dance and to read the Itchy the Grump book.]”

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