Reebok launches HexRide

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Reebok has unveiled its latest state-of-the-art innovation in performance shoes for 2009. HexRide, with an advanced cushioning system technology that provides vital support for athletes, is featured in a range of Reebok running, women’s training, sports conditioning, and basketball performance shoes. The midsole of a HexRide shoe is cored out into a pattern of hexagonal recesses. The air inside the hexagonal shapes is sealed in with an impact-resistant polymer film to create a lightweight yet very cushioned ride.

Thierry Henry, French international football player who fronts the Reebok ‘Your Move’ campaign, explains, “It’s vital to wear trainers that give you both comfort and support. This is exactly what you get with the Reebok HexRide trainer. The better the technology, the better the boot or trainer can help athletes do their jobs well.” More simply, he says: “The better the trainer, the better you feel!”

Reebok’s classic cushioning technology is Hexalite, developed in 1989. Its lightweight, honey-combed shape cushioning material is derived from aerospace, which enhances shock absorption in areas of peak pressure, previously featured at the tip of Reebok performance shoes. HexRide, first introduced in Spring Summer 2008, covers the entire sole of the shoe to create substantially more cushioning and support.

Reebok’s technological advances in the past have featured breakthrough departures from the norm, such as The Pump, SmoothFit and ERS cushioning systems, plus Kinetic Fit, culminating with HexRide technology.

“The ‘Your Move’ campaign focuses on celebrating the journey, experience and joy of sport. It is about being exactly who you are and being comfortable with it,” says Celine del Genes, head of marketing for Reebok Asia Pacific. Reebok is locally distributed by R.S.H Marketing (Philippines) Inc. “It’s all about staying fit, participating on your own terms, and having fun with it the whole way through.”

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