Point, shoot, upload, win Crocs invites everyone to be a star with Crazy for Crocs

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

The advent of free video sharing websites, high speed Internet, and inexpensive handheld video devices has made it easier than ever for regular people to become famous online. YouTube and other similar websites provide a vast worldwide audience for unique and creative individuals—the most popular viral videos have view counts numbering in the millions.

Crazy for Crocs, a new promotion in support of the 24 Crocs outlet stores in the Philippines, draws inspiration from the thousands of amateur viral videos that have gone on to become massive YouTube hits.

The campaign is composed of three main components—the Crazy for Crocs online video challenge, the Crazy for Crocs Grand Raffle, and Crocs Pick-a-Prize.

At the heart of the campaign is the Crazy for Crocs online video challenge, an interactive multimedia competition that invites real people to showcase their playful and fun side on YouTube and give them their 30 seconds of fame.

Contestants will be tasked with performing various Crocs-themed video challenges to be issued by the DJs from Magic 89.9’s Good Times radio show.

New challenges will be announced each week and each month on the official contest website, crazy4crocs.com. Participants will have to beat these challenges and capture this on video. These videos will then be uploaded to YouTube, after which they will be posting as an official entry on the contest website.

Registered visitors to the official website will then be given the chance to vote for their favorite entries, with the most popular video for a particular weekly or monthly challenge taking home the prize.

Contestants to the weekly challenges will get the chance to win prizes such as Canon digital cameras, while contestants to the monthly challenges stand to win P100,000 each month.

Meanwhile, The Crazy for Crocs Grand Raffle will be open to all buyers of Crocs products at participating outlets within the promo period. Each pair of Crocs bought entitles the buyer to one raffle ticket.

Many exciting prizes like 26” Samsung LCD TV’s, Canon camcorders will be given away in the Grand Raffle, including a brand new Honda Jazz for the Grand Prize winner.

Finally, Crocs Pick-a-Prize will give in-store customers a chance to win instantly with each purchase. Every pair of Crocs footwear bought in participating outlets gives the buyer a chance to draw from the Pick-a-Prize fishbowl, with great prizes such as T-shirts, P 1,000 discount vouchers, key chains, lanyards to be given away to lucky customers.

“The best part about Crazy for Crocs is that anyone can win,” said Mr. Franco Limjuco, VP for Marketing at All Condition Gear Philippines, Inc., the Philippine distributor of Crocs. “All you need to do is point, shoot, and upload. If you have a mobile phone camera and a bit of a daring streak, you have all you need for a chance to win P100,000 and become the newest Internet star.”

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